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Expectations for Shadowlands Launch
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The new Shadowlands content will become available on all realms on Monday, November 23 at 3:00 p.m. PST (6:00 p.m. EST). At that time, players who have purchased Shadowlands will receive the quest “Shadowlands: A Chilling Summons” to start them on their way through the shattered sky. We’ve collected a few other things to consider before that time, as well thereafter.

WoW’s 16th Anniversary will end at 10:00 a.m. PST on Sunday, November 22.

The Death Rising event will end one hour before Shadowlands launches. All prologue quests and world bosses will vanish at that time.

30 minutes before launch time, Battle for Azeroth Mythic Keystone dungeons will become unavailable.

At launch time, any Titan Residuum and Honor (a new currency introduced with the Pre-patch) will be converted to Silver and provided to your character(s). This is also the moment that the Uncorrupted Voidwing mount will become unavailable and the Mythic difficulty mounts from Jaina Proudmoore and N’Zoth the Corruptor will change over to a small chance on kill.

On the days after launch, we plan to do realm restarts during at the usual weekly maintenance time in each region. We’ll provide in-game notices for that, as always.

After Shadowlands launches, there will not be a new set of Battle for Azeroth weekly chests that correspond with the current week of activities (Nov. 17-23). Loot your final BFA weekly chests now!

There will be no Weekend Bonus Event or PvP Brawl for two weeks after the start of Shadowlands. The next Bonus Event and PvP Brawl will each kick off on December 8. Check your in-game calendar for details.

Some players have asked whether all world portals are staying in place, considering the portal adjustments made in (Legion) Dalaran with the launch of Battle for Azeroth, and the answer is yes. At this time, the various mage portal authorities are only adding a new portal: to Oribos.

We’ve got global release times here and patch notes for you here. The patch notes will be updated again next week with new Shadowlands content. See you in the afterlife!
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Shadowlands Dungeons
Originally Posted by Bllizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
New adventures await within the 8 new dungeons in Shadowlands—4 leveling dungeons and 4 max-level dungeons. Adventurers will gain access to each of the leveling dungeons as they progress through the zones of Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth.

Dungeons of Bastion

The Necrotic Wake

In an unthinkable act of treachery, forces from Maldraxxus, the realm charged with defending the Shadowlands, have invaded the Temple of Courage. They have pillaged anima and taken slaughtered kyrian to fuel their dark practices. If left unchecked, the necrotic forces of the necropolis Zolramas will pillage Bastion leaving destruction in their wake.

Level: 51
Bosses: 4
Difficulty: Normal, Heroic, Mythic

  • Blightbone: The corpulent mass of rotting flesh known as Blightbone was lovingly constructed by Surgeon Stitchflesh. Now the abomination is eager to be unleashed on the Temple of Courage.
  • Armarth, The Harvester: Amarth oversees the harvesting of corpses from atop the undead monstrosity Bonefang, flying above the battle. The sadistic commander destroyed the Hand of Courage, and now comes for their Paragon.
  • Surgeon Stitchflesh: Surgeon Stitchflesh is the mastermind behind the grisly abominations that are deployed from the floating fortress of Zolramas. He bends to his task with maniacal fervor, crafting the flesh of fallen enemies into undead constructs to be used in Maldraxxus’ wars.
  • Nalthor the Rimebinder: From atop the flying ziggurat Zolramas, Nalthor the Rimebinder commands the forces attacking Bastion. The conniving lich plans to rain frozen magic and death on the pristine lands of Bastion.

Spires of Ascension

Floating among the clouds and representing the pinnacle of kyrian ideals, the Spires of Ascension is the Archon’s seat of power. Unquestioned and unchallenged for countless eons, the rule of Bastion has always embodied the virtues of duty and service. But with drought and instability causing fractures in the belief system of the Ascended, the Archon’s reign faces an unimaginable peril as one of her most trusted followers falls under the sway of the darkest of evils.

Level: 60
Bosses: 4
Difficulty: Heroic, Mythic

  • Kin-Tara: While kyrian aspirants had to wait patiently during the anima drought for their overdue ascension, the Forsworn have been unafraid to grant their faithful wings. Kin-Tara proved herself to the dark kyrian and learned to dominate the sky as soon as she ascended. While she stands, the Spires of Ascension will belong to Devos.
  • Ventunax: Ventunax is one of the deadliest Forsworn constructs, originally designed to test the courage of kyrian aspirants. The Praetorian’s movements are so quick she can seem to disappear before her enemies’ eyes.
  • Oryphrion: Oryphrion is the firepower in the Paragon of Loyalty’s vanguard. The Dark Colossus has dominated the invasion into the city with their Anima fueled artillery, and now fiercely defends the font of power before the Archon’s seat.
  • Devos, Paragon of Doubt: Devos was the very symbol of loyalty until a soul with a troubling past arrived in Bastion. Her doubt overwhelmed her until she fell into open rebellion, aided by the darkest powers of the Shadowlands. Seizing the Spires of Ascension is just the first step and the destruction of the Archon is now within her grasp.

Dungeons of Maldraxxus


Underneath the ruined House of Plagues, lies one of the most destructive forces Maldraxxus has ever known. Those who covet this power search the plague-ridden debris in a race to claim this weapon for themselves. Whoever captures this prize will hold the fate of the Shadowlands in their clutches.

Level: 53
Bosses: 4
Difficulties: Normal, Heroic, Mythic

  • Globgrog: The exact nature of the plagues and oozes disgorged by the House of Plague’s fall may never be deciphered, but the collection of slimes and flesh that became Globgrog will guard this treasure fanatically.
  • Doctor Ickus: The destruction of the House of Plagues and the slime eruptions left in its wake will not stop the presumed genius of Doctor Ickus and his deranged experiments.
  • Domina Venomblade: Domina Venomblade believes the instrument of her revenge for the fall of the House of Eyes rests with Plaguefall. No one, not even her former allies will keep her from gaining the weapon hidden in these ruins.
  • Margrave Stradama: It was believed that Margrave Stradama was destroyed in the explosion that brought down her house. In truth the explosion transformed her into a monstrous new form, driving her mad, and leaving her at the heart of the fallen House of Plagues.

Theater of Pain

In Maldraxxus you must constantly be tested and measured as the best to defend the Shadowlands. The best place to prove yourself is the Theater of Pain. Throngs of contenders face off for the hope of facing one of the champions. Brutality! Mayhem! Violence! And of course, Pain! Only the strongest become champions of their house, and only one can be the strongest.

Level: 60
Bosses: 5
Difficulties: Heroic, Mythic

  • An Affront of Challengers: Champions are not fighting just anyone. First contenders fight among themselves to see which are worthy. Dessia the Decapitator, Paceran the Virulant, and Sathel the Accursed have brought their disparate fighting styles together to knock out other contenders. They will crush any who stand between them and the title match.
  • Gorechop: As hungry for victory as he is for new parts, Gorechop is ready to show the House of Constructs can build the better warrior. Since arriving in Maldraxxus, he has earned every piece of his body, but he is not above finding something new on a challenger.
  • Xav the Unfallen: Xav has fought and defeated so many foes that there is a line of contenders battling for their turn. If someone can make their way past them, Xav will relish a worthy challenge.
  • Kul’tharok: Kul'tharok is a master of the necromantic arts and shows that brute force is not the only way to the top. The path to victory is through his maze of magic portals, and then past his necrotic onslaught.
  • Mordretha, the Endless Empress: Endless battles and endless victories, Mordretha has bested every opponent who has challenged her. In life she was a master of dark magic and her time in Maldraxxus has only expanded that knowledge. Is this the title match the Theater of Pain has been waiting for?

Dungeons of Ardenweald

Mists of Tirna Scithe

Level: 55
Bosses: 3
Difficulties: Normal, Heroic Mythic

The lush grove called Tirna Scithe has ever been diligently protected by the fae folk, for it is a sacred place said to hold ancient secrets. Legends warn that an unwary traveler might find themselves lost for an eternity wandering its countless mist-shrouded paths. But as drought depletes the forests of Ardenweald, enemies seek to plunder the grove’s potent magic. Even the realm’s native denizens are driven by hunger and desperation to consume that which the Winter Queen holds most dear.

  • Ingra Maloch: Cursed to exist outside the cycle of Life and Death, the Drust now seek to circumvent their fate using Ardenweald’s mechanisms of Rebirth. Their would-be conquest has found its way to Tirna Scithe, where Ingra Maloch and his followers use foul magic to subjugate the local inhabitants.

  • Mistcaller: Tirna Scithe is defended by force of arms, but also cunning. The playful Mistcaller has used the mists to confuse and disorient invaders. With the Drust attack, the Mistcaller cannot easily tell friend from foe, and only after her puzzles and games are defeated can you safely reach the heart of Tirna Scithe.

  • Tred’ova: The gorm have been chewing at the edges of Ardenweald, devouring desiccated husks of the dead. The beast called Tred’ova has gorged herself on something far more precious, the wildseed of Lakali, loa of knowledge. Now that Tred’ova has tasted the loa’s power and wisdom, she hungers for more than survival.

De Other Side

Bwonsamdi has kept a secret place in the Shadowlands he refers to as De Other Side. When the dead started funneling into the Maw, Bwondsamdi hid several souls in his little domain, keeping his troll followers safe. But this broke an old deal with Mueh’zala and now the ancient loa has come to harvest those souls and destroy their caretaker. Bwonsamdi will need help collecting on some of his other dealings if he is to survive this onslaught and protect the souls within.

Level: 60
Bosses: 4
Difficulties: Heroic, Mythic

  • Hakkar the Soulflayer: Even the presence of Hakkar the Soulflayer has caused turmoil on Azeroth. Violence and plague mark his blood and his immeasurable power. His faithful fought for him till death, and beyond. Giving up power has never been his way, even when it is not his own.
  • The Manastorms: Absolute honesty and trust are what makes Millicent and Milhouse Manastorm such a power couple. Well, honesty, trust, staggering magic, and experimental technology. Combining the four elements in perfect harmony makes the Manastorms the most deadly, dangerous, and disastrous couple anywhere.
  • Dealer Xy’exa: Dealer Xy’exa is a cunning aquisitionist wielding an array of magical contrivances that she has collected over the millennia. She relies on special manipulation to stay one step ahead of the innumerable enemies she’s made in her dealings.
  • Mueh’zala: Father of Sleep, Son of Time, the Night’s Friend. Mueh’zala ushered the dead of Azeroth long before Bwonsamdi made his first deal. He knows a god should rule, not beg for servants and worshipers. The plans he laid in ancient times to reclaim that power are coming to fruition, once he deals with his rebellious replacement.

Dungeons of Revendreth

Halls of Atonement

Under the Accuser, the Halls of Atonement were a tribute to Revendreth’s mission. While the halls rang with suffering and sin, it was all directed to redeeming the souls and keeping them from falling into the Maw. But the recently promoted Lord Chamberlain has bent the hall’s purpose to selfish reaping of anima, often to the point of leaving souls unable to be redeemed. Someone will have to put an end to the depravity that has grown within these walls.

Level: 57
Bosses: 4
Difficulties: Normal, Heroic, Mythic

  • Halkias, the Sin-Stained Goliath: Sinstones are meant to be inert records of past transgressions. The machinations of the depraved venthyr have allowed Halkias a massive golem, to grow from the power of neglected sinstones. The Lord Chamberlain’s forces have struggled to contain it, splitting its anima across multiple sinstone golem shards.
  • Echelon: The mighty stoneborn known as Echelon has always held outsiders, especially mortals, in contempt. He watched the Halls of Atonement from the sky and will crush any who attempt to transgress the threshold.
  • High Adjudicator Aleez: Within the Halls of Atonement, past the courtyard and gargoyles, is a church unlike any seen on Azeroth. This is where the High Adjudicator Aleez presides over a congregation of spirits, spreading the dark word of Sire Denathrius to the undeserving.
  • Lord Chamberlain: The Lord Chamberlain climbed steadily and mercilessly through the ranks of venthyr society, becoming a Harvester by aiding in the capture of the rebellious Accuser. Now he rules the Accuser’s halls, hoarding anima and turning the sacred process of atonement to his own deviant purposes.

Sanguine Depths

Far below Castle Nathria lies the Sanguine Depths, a prison created to house Sire Denathrius’s most intriguing dissidents. Prisoners here are kept for eons, drained of their anima for research and study. The Sinfall resistance knows of a particular prisoner here that helps tip the balance of their fight with Sire Denathrius to their favor and have asked for assistance in extracting them.

Level: 60
Bosses: 4
Difficulties: Heroic, Mythic

  • Kryxis the Voracious: Kryxis the Voracious sensed the anima stores deep within the Sanguine Depths, and his lust to consume this energy has driven him to madness. With the recent tear that has formed in Revendreth, Kryxis has found a way into these catacombs and aims to drain every last drop of anima out of the subterranean storage house.
  • Executor Tarvold: Many venthyr consider the torment of their charges and the extraction of sins and anima their sacred duty. The creature known as Executor Tarvold being set as warden and allowed to take its sick pleasure in torturing the prisoners here shows the depravity Revendreth has fallen to.
  • Grand Proctor Beryllia: There are only a few old enough to know if Grand Proctor Beryllia learned her ruthless form of study in Revendreth or if she never truly gave up that particular sin. The cruelty she used to master the magic of anima has been turned on a very peculiar new prisoner, the naaru Z’rali. She will command this creature’s Light no matter what it costs her prisoner.
  • General Kaal: General Kaal stands as one of Sire Denathrius’s main generals overseeing his operations in Revendreth. Strong, agile, and full of guile General Kaal uses her agility and anima-infused nature to eliminate all who would stand against her master.
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Patch 9.0.2 Hotfixes - November 19, 2020
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Balance
      • Eclipse now correctly activates if two Starfires are cast simultaneously using Owlkin Frenzy.
  • Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Brewmaster
      • The global cooldown of Rushing Jade Wind (Talent), Admonishment (PvP Talent), and Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox are now correctly 1 second.
  • Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Retribution
      • Execution Sentence (Talent) initial damage increased by 31%. Damage is unchanged when engaged in combat with enemy players.
  • Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Discipline
      • Damage of all abilities reduced by 6%.

Exile's Reach]
  • The destroyed version of the Undercity is now visible to new characters that have completed Exile’s Reach.

Feedback - Druid Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Once again, quick note on some recent changes to Convoke the Spirits since they can be hard to see immediately in-game. In addition to once again casting 16 spells for Balance, Feral, and Guardian—Convoke will now try to use a more consistent number of certain spells (currently, Starsurge and Ferocious Bite). Its behavior is, as always, influenced by various factors such as the number of targets in range, and their health and DoT status. But (when in a relevant shapeshift form), the number of casts of Starsurge and Ferocious Bite during a channel of Convoke will have much less variance than before.
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Shadowlands Survival Guide - Live on November 23
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The time is nearly at hand—and soon—a new journey will begin within the Shadowlands beyond the veil. Where will your calling lead you? We’ve gathered all the information you could need to guide your way.

Global Launch Schedule

World of Warcraft’s next expansion—Shadowlands—will launch in the Americas, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, and Australia/New Zealand at the same time globally. Wherever you live and whatever faction you represent, you can be part of one globally unified front as the way into the Shadowlands opens.

Check the details below for the exact time you can begin logging in to explore all that this new expansion has to offer. You can pre-purchase Shadowlands now.

Global Release Times

  • Americas (PST) - 3:00p.m. November 23*
  • Europe (CET) - 12:00a.m. November 24
  • Taiwan (CST) - 7:00a.m. November 24
  • Korea (KST) - 8:00a.m. November 24
  • ANZ (AEDT) - 10:00a.m. November 24
  • UTC - 11:00 p.m. November 23

*To align with other regions, the Americas will launch slightly ahead of November 24 in local time.
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Shadowlands Preview: Skill up with Professions
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With Shadowlands on the horizon, you’ll soon enter a world with new resources to gather which can be turned into new items to make yourself even more powerful.

Further your current professions or pick up new trades from the Profession Trainers in the Hall of Shapes in Oribos. These specialized Brokers will also sell you profession reagents to create goods and will help you level up your trade. Characters with gathering professions in Battle for Azeroth will notice that Star Ranks have been removed, but don’t fret—you’ll obtain greater quantities of harvested material as you go up in skill. Engineers will also notice that, as they become more adept at working on devices, they will experience less backfires on their inventions.

Blast from the Past

Consumables from expansions past make a return in Shadowlands to give you an edge in combat. Leatherworkers can make Armor Kits which will increase the stamina of worn chest gear for two hours. Alchemists can make Weapon Oils that offer a range of benefitscan be applied for a range of benefits—such as dealing damage or healing yourself—during combat and last for 10 minutes, and some potions can interact with Weapon Oils for additional beneficial effects! Flasks and potions can interact with Weapon Oils for additional beneficial effects, so keep an open mind as you experiment with the combinations available! Additionally, there are only two Flasks, one that increases your Primary Stat regardless of class and spec, and one that increases your Stamina. Blacksmiths can once again create Sharpening Stones and Weightstones will increase your attack power for one hour.

Optional Reagents in Professions

New to Shadowlands are Optional Reagents—ingredients that you can use when crafting armor, weapons, and jewelry. Each piece of crafted gear can have up to three slots—the first slot’s Optional Reagent sets the piece’s item level and the second and third slots apply secondary stats to a crafted piece.

Legendary Runecarving in Shadowlands

In the Shadowlands, you’ll be able to forge and customize your own legendary pieces using items procured from professions. Characters with Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, or Jewelcrafting professions will be granted the recipe to create base pieces as part of the storyline with the Runecarver. These pieces can be crafted by players and can be traded or can be purchased from the Auction House. Each time a crafter creates a base piece, they will earn experience and over time they will be able to create those base pieces with higher item levels. There are four levels each recipe can reach, and creating higher level base pieces will require more resources to complete.

You’ll also need two Missives, which are used to empower the piece with two different secondary stats of your choosing. These Missives can be made by players with the Inscription profession and can be traded or sold on the Auction House.

The new ethereal additions to Professions will become available to you to dabble and master once Shadowlands launches on November 23!

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