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by Published on 2011-10-13 05:14 AM

Firelands Changes Impact
Blizzard made major changes to Firelands a few times during Patch 4.2 (July 26th and Sept. 20th) to allow more players to see the Firelands content. We take a look at just how many more players were able to down Heroic Ragnaros and clear Normal Firelands. Data was looked at for over 2.7 million level 85 characters, most of them being in the US.

Class balance for characters with the Heroic Ragnaros achievement was also graphed. The Heroic Firelands Boss Kill Ease graph displays the percentage of characters that have killed each boss, provided they have killed at least one of the Heroic Firelands bosses.

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2011 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The Halloween season has finally arrived, and we’re ready to cut straight to the heart of the holiday. If you’re dying to pick up a knife and hack, gash, slash, and jab at something, then you might be excited to hear that as of October 11, Blizzard’s 2011 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest has officially begun! Unleash your magical axes, psi blades, chitinous claws, and other creative cutlery to carve up Blizzard-themed jack-o’-lanterns of epic awesomeness. If you’re unclear as to what epic awesomeness looks like in the flesh, you can check out last year’s winners for some inspiration.

We’ll choose ten of the grandest Cucurbita to earn a delightful prize package consisting of:

  • Marauder StarCraft II Gaming Keyboard
  • Banshee StarCraft II Gaming Headset
  • Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse
  • StarCraft II Zerg Edition Messenger Bag

Don’t delay, start carving right away! The ninth annual pumpkin carving contest ends on October 25, so be sure to check out the contest page for rules and eligibility and get straight to slicing.

Fan Art Update
The World of Warcraft Fan Art Section has been updated with five new pieces of fan artwork set within the Warcraft universe.

by Published on 2011-10-12 04:02 AM

Patch 4.3: Cauldron of Battle
Big Cauldron of Battle and Cauldron of Battle were recently changed on the PTR to Bind to Account from Bind on Pickup. No more hassle with using your Alchemist alts!

Patch 4.3: Hurricane and Wrath Animations
Last PTR update Druids got a new animation for Hurricane. An updated version of Wrath that looks much better than the first preview was also added. See our previous preview for the other updates to Druid, Shaman, and Warlock.

Curse Website Redesign has a fresh new design and even more supported games. In addition to add-ons, offers custom maps, high-quality/exclusive demos, client downloads, and beta key programs. Head over to the new now and try it out! You can let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter. The updates include:

  • Updated UI - Easier browsing of addons and a cleaner and more modern look.
  • New Net Bar - Allows you to log in to many Curse sites with just one username and password as well as keeping up to date on beta key giveaways and other contests.
  • Easier add-on discovery - Easier to find and share add-ons through filters, browsing categories, and addon packs. Addon packs take the hassle out of selection addons for your UI by letting someone else do the work.
  • More downloads and supported games - Not only WoW, but Rift, Minecraft, Starcraft II, Runes of Magic, Warhammer, and more!
  • Premium Upgrades - Premium users will benefit from their faster download speeds as file sizes for demos and game clients are much larger than add-ons.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Tome of Light Buff
We didn’t actually buff Tome of Light per se. It was just twice as good as the tooltip said it was, and since we didn't think that a nerf was in order, we're just correcting the tooltip for 4.3. You guys shouldn't notice a change to Tome of Light.

You should notice a change to Holy Word: Serenity, though. As you know, that ability hasn't always benefited from the 25% crit bonus that it's supposed to get. It was a little tricky to figure out why that was happening, but we've gotten to the bottom of it. Holy Word: Serenity should be fixed for 4.3, so you should notice a change there.

[...]Sorry for the confusion! The bug came in an earlier version of 4.3 and was fixed recently in 4.3. Please recall that, while you guys are just getting your first look at it, internally we have been working on 4.3 for a long time.

However, this fix has introduced another bug. With the priest tier set bonus, the duration of Sanctuary can be longer than its cooldown. This causes a host of technical problems because that spell just isn’t set up right to have multiple copies, nor do we really want Sanctuary to have 100% uptime in the first place. So, we're likely to revert the change to Tome of Light (restoring it back to 15% / 30%) but we'll also lower the base cooldown of Serenity so that it will have a 7 sec cooldown with Tome of Light.

Note: All of this discussion applies to the 4.3 PTR, where some amount of "design churn" is to be expected; we want to avoid making you to feel like your character is under a barrage of constant changes after a patch goes live. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Guardian Cub: Legal Gold Selling
TCG Loot card mounts like the Spectral Tiger have been BoE for a long time now (since patch 3.2), and that was and continues to be well-received, and as far as we've been able to tell hasn't had any adverse impact to the game or economy - despite them selling for sometimes astronomical amounts of gold.

It’s potentially worth noting that no new gold is being introduced into the game's economy with those mounts or the new Guardian Cub pet.

Our goal with the Guardian Cub is to provide alternative ways for players who don't want to spend real money to add these pets to their collection. Even though this has been available a while now with the TCG mounts, this is obviously a new kind of way to deliver Pet Store pets, and we're definitely interested to hear your feedback and ultimately see how this will play out. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

No Orc or Undead Paladins?
[...] We've already incorporated a lot of race/class combos that never existed from the release of the game. I think you could argue we should just make it so every race can be every class at this point, we're pretty much there, and I think you could argue that we should hang on to the few distinctions we have left.

I'll make one argument, it would be a lot of work to scale/fit each class-specific armor piece to two additional models (male/female) of a new race. Not insurmountable, but it'd be a call we'd really have to evaluate and be prepared to take on that extra work for every set that's produced. Aside from any lore-related explanations we want to keep.

Personally I think the distinction that only some races can be some classes adds a lot to the game. It makes it feel more real, even if I don't know what the lore reason is. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

BlizzCon: Ask the Artists
At this year’s BlizzCon we have a stage dedicated to featuring Blizzard artists of all disciplines and styles, from Glenn Rane (Digital Painting, Creative Development) to Samwise Didier (Traditional Drawing, StarCraft II). Whether you’re attending the event or watching from home, we’re giving you an opportunity on the forums to ask a question of the artists. All you have to do is list the discipline and/or category below which best fits your art-related question and ask away here:

If selected, your inquiry will be read and answered live from the Artist Stage at BlizzCon! [...] (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blizzard Art Gallery Update
The World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Art gallery has been updated with five pieces representing the Warcraft universe.

by Published on 2011-10-10 04:17 PM

Sneak Peek: Guardian Cub Tradable Pet
A new pet is coming to a Blizzard Store near you and ... you can trade it and sell it at the auction house!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Coming soon to a Pet Store near you: the new and titanically cute Guardian Cub companion. You’ve soared across Azeroth on the majestic Winged Guardian. Soon, you'll be able to purchase a pint-sized Guardian of the Titans sidekick to accompany you on your adventures.

Stunning good looks and adorable, supersized eyes aren’t all this new pet has going for it. The Guardian Cub is also the Pet Store's first tradable pet, meaning it can be swapped between characters in-game or given as a gift to guildmates, friends, family, or that special someone -- no adoption papers necessary. Due to his finicky nature, each Guardian Cub will only give its allegiance to one owner, meaning it’s a one-time-use pet that permanently binds to a single character. Be sure to choose a master wisely.

Look for the Guardian Cub to arrive in the Blizzard Store in the weeks ahead -- in the meantime, we've prepped a mini-FAQ to explain how this flying friend will differ from other Pet Store companions.

Q: How does the Guardian Cub pet work? How is it different from other Pet Store pets?

Unlike the other Pet Store companions, the Guardian Cub is a tradable, one-time-use pet that permanently binds to a single character upon use. When you purchase the Guardian Cub from the online store, the character you designate will receive a bind-on-use item to carry in his or her inventory. You can either use the item yourself to permanently add the pet to your character's collection (consuming the item in the process), or -- after a brief initial cooldown period -- you can trade the item to another player so he or she can add it to one of their character's collections. Note that once the pet has been added to a character's Companions list, it can no longer be traded, so make sure you're giving the cub a happy home.

Q: Will I be able to carry more than one Guardian Cub at a time?

While a character can only have one Guardian Cub in his or her Companions list, you can have as many in your inventory as you like. Please note that Guardian Cub items do not stack, so each one will take up a bag or bank slot.

Q: How much will the Guardian Cub cost in the Pet Store?

The Guardian Cub will be priced the same as the other Pet Store pets ($10 USD). All sales of the Guardian Cub are final -- no refunds will be given once a purchase is made.

Q: Why did you decide to make the Guardian Cub tradable?

Since the introduction of the Pet Store, many players have been asking for ways to get the companions we offer there without having to spend real-world cash. By making the Guardian Cub tradable (much like the BoE mounts from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game), players interested in the new pet will have fun, alternative in-game ways to get one. In addition to trading the pet, players can give the Guardian Cub as a gift to another character for a special occasion; guild leaders can use them to reward members for a job well done; and so on. We also hope this change will help reduce the number of incidents of scamming via trading for invalid pet codes.

Q: Could I put the Guardian Cub up on the auction house to try to make some gold if I wanted to?

While our goal is to offer players alternative ways to add a Pet Store pet to their collection, we’re ok with it if some players choose to use the Guardian Cub as a safe and secure way to try to acquire a little extra in-game gold without turning to third-party gold-selling services. However, please keep in mind that there's never any guarantee that someone will purchase what you put up for sale in the auction house, or how much they'll pay for it. Also, it’s important to note that we take a firm stance against buying gold from outside sources because in most cases, the gold these companies offer has been stolen from compromised accounts. (You can read more about our stance here.) While some players might be able to acquire some extra gold by putting the Guardian Cub in the auction house, that’s preferable to players contributing to the gold-selling “black market” and account theft.

Q: Are you changing the other available Pet Store pets (e.g. Lil' Ragnaros, the Pandaren Monk) to work this way?

No, the other available Pet Store pets will continue to work as they always have.

Q: What about future Pet Store pets?

It's too early to say how we'll handle future Pet Store pets. We made this change in response to feedback from players looking for alternate ways to get the Pet Store pets, and we're always looking into other opportunities for improvement. We're interested in hearing what players think of the Guardian Cub when it launches, and we hope you'll have fun with this new flying friend.
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Update: Added Enchanting materials changes, thanks to isendims.

Patch 4.3: Heirloom Changes
It appears that you can no longer delete characters that have heirlooms in their bags or mail on the PTR. Thanks to Fluffys for the tip!

Patch 4.3: Jewelcrafting Changes
Jewelcrafting received some pricing adjustments on the PTR, mostly dealing with uncut gems.

  • Uncut Cataclysm uncommon, rare, and meta gems can no longer be sold to the vendor.
  • Cut uncommon gems sell for more to the vendor and cost more to list on the Auction House.
  • Uncut Cataclysm gems cost 1s to list on the Auction House for 48 hours.

Gem Vendor PriceLive 4.3 PTR
Raw Uncommon50sNo sell price
Cut Uncommon75s93s 75c
Raw Rare3g 20sNo sell price
Cut Rare3g 75s3g 75s
Raw Meta50sNo sell price
Cut Meta3g 75s3g 75s

Gem 48 Hour AH FeeLive 4.3 PTR
Raw Uncommon30s1s
Cut Uncommon45s56s 16c
Raw Rare1g 92s1s
Cut Rare2g 25s2g 25s
Raw Meta30s1s
Cut Meta2g 25s2g 25s

Patch 4.3: Enchanting Changes
Enchanting also got an adjustment, as it seems that you can now vendor enchanting materials on the PTR.

Selling to Vendor Prices

48 Hour Auction House Deposit Fee (1s for 48 Hours currently)

Patch 4.3: Dungeons and Raid Boss Transcripts (Spoilers)
Build 14791 also brought us the voice over files for the new raid and dungeons bosses. Do not read anything below if you do not like spoilers. Thanks to Sunshine for the transcripts.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Dragon Soul
  • VO_DS_THRALL_DWBATTLE_01 - Aspects! Aid the heroes as best you can.
  • VO_DS_THRALL_DWBATTLE_02 - These champions are our only hope for exposing Deathwing's weakness. Together, we can prevail.
  • VO_DS_THRALL_DWBATTLE_03 - Don't give up! We're counting on you to push Deathwing back.
  • VO_DS_THRALL_IRIS_01 - Heroes! This burden falls to you, once again.
  • VO_DS_THRALL_IRIS_02 - You must protect us from Deathwing's forces while we imbue the Dragon Soul with the power of the aspects.
  • VO_DS_THRALL_IRIS_03 - Speak to me when you are ready to begin.
  • VO_DS_THRALL_MAELSTROMSLAY_01 - It is done. At last, the destroyer has met his end. Now, we can begin to heal our world.
  • VO_DS_THRALL_MAELSTROM_01 - Strike now, heroes! Only you can give us our opening.
  • VO_DS_THRALL_MAELSTROM_02 - Avenge the fallen! Continue the fight!
  • VO_DS_THRALL_PREHAGARA_01 - It's no use. The power of the Dragon Soul is too great. I cannot wield it safely. The raging forces within it may be the doom of us all.
  • VO_DS_THRALL_PREHAGARA_02 - Yes, I see. We can finally turn Deathwing's own power back against him.
  • VO_DS_THRALL_PREHAGARA_04 - We have no choice. We must have faith in our allies.
  • VO_DS_THRALL_ULTRAXION_01 - Strength of the earth, hear my call! Shield them in this dark hour, the last defenders of Azeroth.
  • VO_DS_THRALL_ULTRAXIONVICTORY_01 - Taretha, Cairne, Aggra. I will not fail you. I will not fail this world!

  • VO_DS_HAGARA_ADDS_01 - Heh, even with the aspect of time on your side, you stumble foolishly into a trap.
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_ADDS_02 - Don't preen just yet, little pups. We'll cleanse this world of your kind.
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_ADDS_03 - Heh, you'll not leave this place alive!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_ADDS_04 - Not one of you will live to see the final Cataclysm. Finish them!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_AGGRO_01 - You cross the storm binder. I'll slaughter you all!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_CIRCUIT_01 - What are you doing?!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_CIRCUIT_02 - You're toying with death!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_CIRCUIT_03 - You think you can play with my lightning?
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_CIRCUIT_04 - Impossible! (scream)
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_CIRCUIT_05 - No! More lightning!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_CIRCUIT_06 - Enough of your games! You won't live to do it again.
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_CIRCUIT_07 - I'll finish you now, pups!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_CRYSTALDEAD_01 - The time I spent binding that, wasted!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_CRYSTALDEAD_02 - You'll pay for that!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_CRYSTALDEAD_06 - Impudent pup!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_CRYSTALDEAD_07 - The one remaining is still enough to finish you!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_CRYSTALHIT_01 - Get away from that, mongrel.
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_DEATH_01 - Cowards! You pack of weakling dogs.
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_FROSTRAY_01 - You face more than my axes this close.
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_FROSTRAY_02 - See what becomes of those who stand before me.
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_FROSTRAY_03 - Feel a chill up your spine.
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_GLACIER_01 - You can't outrun the storm.
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_GLACIER_02 - Die beneath the ice.
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_ICETOMB_01 - Stay, pup!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_ICETOMB_02 - Hold still!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_INTRO_01 - Swagger all you like. You pups don't stand a chance. Flee now, while you can.
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_LIGHTNING_01 - Suffer the storm's wrath!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_LIGHTNING_02 - Thunder and lightning dance at my call!
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_SLAY_01 - You should've run, dog.
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_SLAY_02 - (blank)
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_SLAY_03 - Damn pup.
  • VO_DS_HAGARA_SLAY_04 - A waste of my time.

Well of Eternity
HighBorne Mage
  • VO_WOE_HIGHBORNE02_EVENT_01 - I pray that the light of a thousand moons will grant me this honor.
  • VO_WOE_HIGHBORNE02_EVENT_02 - Yes, light of lights! My life is yours.
  • VO_WOE_HIGHBORNE02_EVENT_03 - The flower of life calls upon me! I will not fail you, my queen.
  • VO_WOE_HIGHBORNE03_EVENT_01 - I pray that the light of a thousand moons will grant me this honor.
  • VO_WOE_HIGHBORNE03_EVENT_02 - Yes, light of lights! My life is yours.
  • VO_WOE_HIGHBORNE03_EVENT_03 - The flower of life calls upon me! I will not fail you, my queen.

  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_BOSSCLOAK_01 - Return to the shadows!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_BOSSENTER_01 - Nothing will stop me. Not even you, demon.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_BOSSPRECOMBAT_01 - Another demon ready to be slaughtered.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_BOSSVICTORY_01 - The hunter became the prey.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_BOSSVICTORY_02 - You did well, but for now I must continue alone. Good hunting.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_BREAKOUT_01 - Your magic is pathetic. Let me show you mine.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_CLOAK_01 - We now hide in shadows, hidden from our enemy.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_COMBAT_01 - We're leaving; stay close.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_COMBAT_02 - My blades hunger!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_COMBAT_03 - This won't hurt a bit.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_COMBAT_04 - Death to the legion!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_CONCLUSION_01 - The artifact!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_CONCLUSION_02 - Brother, a timely arrival.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_CONCLUSION_03 - Aye, it's been twisted and turned by too many spells. The fuss we, especially you, made with the portal was too much. The same spell that sent the Burning Legion into their foul realm now works on the well. It's devouring itself and taking its surroundings with it. Fascinating, isn't it?
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_CONCLUSION_04 - If you've a way out of here, we should probably use it. I tried casting myself and Tyrande out of here, but the well is too much in flux.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_DISTRACT_01 - I will hold them back so we can get past. Be ready!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_DISTRACTEND_01 - My magic is fading. I'm going through!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_ESCORT_01 - Come with me if you'd like to live long enough to see me save this world.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_ESCORT_02 - So many demons, not enough time.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_ESCORT_03 - They will get what they deserve in due time.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_ESCORT_04 - I've seen a single guardian demon slaughter a hundred elves. Tread lightly.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_ESCORT_05 - They come endlessly from the palace.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_ESCORT_06 - The stench of sulfur and brimstone. These portals are as foul as the demons themselves.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_ESCORT_07 - Cut this one down from the shadows.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_ESCORT_08 - Let us shut down this final portal and finish this.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_ESCORT_09 - The demons should all be leaving. We will be at the palace in no time.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_ESCORT_10 - The demons are no longer pouring from the palace. We can move ahead.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_ESCORT_11 - Too easy!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_GREETINGIDLE_01 - Explain your presence.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_GREETINGIDLE_02 - Talk with me now.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_GREETINGIDLE_03 - Are you here to help?
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_GREETING_01 - Over here, in the shadows!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_GREETING_02 - I think we stand a better chance fighting alongside one another.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_IDLE_01 - Attack. I don't like to be kept waiting.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_IDLE_02 - I'll let you have the first kill. Don't make me regret that.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_IDLE_03 - Patience is not one of my virtues.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_01 - Can you close the portal, brother?
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_02 - Very well, we shall break it for you.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_03 - Let them come.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_04 - There are so many of them!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_05 - Weak, pitiful creatures. Hardly worth of being called a legion.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_06 - Oh, this will be fun!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_07 - Wait, I have an idea.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_08 - What our people could not
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_09 - Yes, yes! I can feel the raw power of the Well of Eternity! It is time to end this charade!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_10 - They are not what they appear to be! Strike in an area; it is the only way to uncover the real ones!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_11 - Handle Varo'then. Mannoroth is mine!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_14 - The sword has piereced his infernal armor! Strike him down!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_15 - You are not the sole wielder of Sargeras's power, Mannoroth. Behold!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_16 - I will be the savior of our people! I will fulfill my destiny!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_MANNOROTH_18 - He is still connected to the well somehow. Focus your attacks on Mannoroth. We must disrupt his concentration!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_PRECOMBAT_01-01 - They stand unaware that their deaths are moments away.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_PRECOMBAT_01 - Waiting to attack.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_RECOVERY_01 - My strength returns!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_WAITING_01 - Destroy the crystal so we can move on.
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_WAITING_02 - Smash the crystal. We need to move!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_WAITING_03 - Destroy the portal energy focus!
  • VO_WOE_ILLIDAN_WAITING_04 - Shut down the portal, and we will continue.

Hour of Twilight
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ARCURION_01 - Heroes, we have the dragon soul. The Aspects await us within Wyrmrest. Hurry, come with me.
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ARCURION_02 - How did they find us? Ready your weapons! We've got to get out of this canyon.
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ARCURION_03 - What magic is this?
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ARCURION_04 - Look out!
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ARCURION_05 - Hurry! We must keep moving.
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ARCURION_06 - Another ambush. Watch your back!
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ARCURION_07 - Take a moment to catch your breath before we move on.
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ARCURION_08 - Show yourself!
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ARCURION_09 - We're surrounded. Dispatch the ascended while I keep the ambushers at bay.
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ARCURION_10 - Keep fighting!
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ARCURION_11 - More reinforcements. Watch your back!
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ARCURION_12 - You've almost got him! Ag'noka lok'tar. Now we finish this.
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ARCURION_13 - We've been discovered. I know you're tired, but we cannot keep the Aspects waiting.
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ASIRA_01 - Beware, enemies approach!
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ASIRA_02 - Let none stand in our way!
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ASIRA_03 - The Twilight's Hammer returns!
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ASIRA_04 - Let them come!
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ASIRA_05 - Alexstrasza's drakes should meet us here.
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ASIRA_06 - Up there, above us!
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ASIRA_07 - An assassin. Quickly! Ready yourselves for battle!
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ASIRA_08 - I haven't come this far to be stopped by the likes of you.
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ASIRA_09 - Well done. Let's see to our friend.
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_ASIRA_10 - The rest of the drakes should be here shortly. I'll fly on ahead; catch up when you can.
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_BENEDICTUS_01 - I will not, Archbishop. It will never be yours.
  • VO_HOT_THRALL_BENEDICTUS_02 - You were a figurehead of the Light, Benedictus. How could you betray your own people?

Burning Crusade Art Gallery Updated
The Burning Crusade game art gallery has been updated with five new pieces.

The MMO Report has SWTOR this week, which you can talk about in the new SWTOR forum.

by Published on 2011-10-08 05:40 AM

Important - Don't miss the Raid Finder Loot Rules Update posted earlier today!

MMO-Champion T-Shirts now available from J!NX
Curse and J!NX have teamed up to bring you what some people have been requestiong for a while: MMO-Champion T-Shirts!

The T-shirt is available in a basic tee, which has a boxy fit and is available in more sizes. We are also offering a premium shirt, which is made of softer cotton and has a slimmer fit. More designs/colors might be available in the future depending on the success of the operation.

I would also like to mention that it is scientifically proven that people wearing MMO-Champion T-Shirts are 137% more likely to end up in awkward pictures on the front page if they wear them during the Blizzcon.

Patch 4.3 - Chromatic Dragon Pet
A "ChromaticDragonPet" model was added to the PTR with the latest build, it looks pretty cool for the moment but it might be a work in progress. It's also incredibly big for a companion pet, I'm not sure if it's because the model was just implemented or if it's intended, wait & see!

Fang of The Fathers - Legendary Daggers Questline/Events Spoilers Alert
It's time for another legendary daggers related preview! The latest patch added a lot of sound files linked to the quest and the model of Wrathion, the Black Prince (Wrathion @ Wowpedia)

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  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_COMPLETE1_01 - Huh, a lucky blow against an unprepared opponent.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_COMPLETE2_01 - She allowed herself to be defeated. The others will not be so weak.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_COMPLETE3_01 - Indeed, my prince. Hidden in plain sight.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_COMPLETE4_01 - Don't trust this one, your highness. Disguises, lies, flawless assassinations. No one is that good.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE1_01 - Your highness, we caught this beast snooping around the caves just outside the compound.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE1_02 - Shall we execute him, my prince?
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE1_03 - Yes, sir.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE1_04 - Your first target is here, in the ruins of Gilneas. I've lost some of my best men already. Let's see if you can fare any better.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE1_05 - If he succeeds in looting the whole of Gilneas, there is no telling where he'll hide next. Now is the time to strike.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE2_01 - We've just located her here, in the caverns beneath Karazhan. (Laughs) Fearful for her life, she is researching arcane secrets buried beneath the foundation.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE2_02 - She surrounded herself with a small army of deranged dragon cultists. They may not be right in the head, but they're well armed and dangerous.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE3_01 - This one? Mingle with the arch-mages of Dalaran? Hah, I'd pay to see that.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE4_01 - My prince, we should leave this place in case they come back to finish the job!
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE4_02 - Your highness! I have never tried to conceal what I am from you.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE4_03 - That is not true.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE4_04 - No, no, I am in control of the voices! They're here to help me!
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE4_05 - Kill.. they want me to kill you now! Why did you have to go and anger them?!
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE4_06 - You have proven too difficult to control!
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE4_07 - (Death scream.)

  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_CUTSCENE_01 - I'm not afraid of you! Wait... who are you?
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_CUTSCENE_02 - But.. but.. Deathwing's minions may have you killed!
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_CUTSCENE_03 - (screams)
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT01 - Let's move out, friend. There's no time to lose.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT02 - Aurastrasza is understandably upset. Under her care was the one black dragon egg that we believe was free of the taint of Deathwing's corruption.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT03 - And it was stolen away from us by thieves in the night.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT04 - You found for us our only lead. The rogues from Ravenholdt are behind this!
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT05 - Ravenholdt; it just doesn't make sense! A mongrel band of petty thieves? How did they even know about the egg?
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT06 - We'll get to the bottom of this. Someone with your skills is exactly what we need.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT07 - What's the expression? To catch a thief, they say? Hmm?
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT08 - Look at this devastation. These foothills have never recovered from the campaigns of the second and third wars.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT09 - Ruins and debris litter the landscape, and I consider the thieves and assassins of Ravenholdt to be part of that debris.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT10 - Without a state, without a cause.. What drives them, do you wonder?
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT11 - And what posessed them to strike out against the red dragonflight? Madness. We must learn more!
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT12 - We're almost to Ravenholdt manor.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT13 - If they have the egg, it's too dangerous to risk an all out assault. You'll need to sneak in there, find out what they're up to, and retrieve the egg at any cost.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT14 - Quiet now. We'll form up a plan within this cave.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_Greeting01 - Let us spring into action.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_Greeting02 - Hello friend.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_Greeting03 - Any news?
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_Greeting04 - What do you have for me?
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH01 - Stay on the ground and stay hidden. I'll port you back here if you get into any trouble.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH02 - Don't forget to use your stealth!
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH03 - That's it, you've got this. Keep it up.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH04 - Careful. The front door is too heavily guarded. Hmm. Circle around the back of the manor and maybe we can find another way in.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH05 - Where are you going? The manor is in the other direction!
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH06 - Hmm, it doesn't look like there's anything over here. Try circling around to the back of the manor.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH07 - Hah, there are no guards back here. Maybe you can find a way up onto the roof.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH08 - Nice work. Is there a window up there? Look around.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH09 - You did it; you're in! Now, where would they be keeping the egg? Some place dark, I would imagine. Be careful!
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH_FAIL01 - I've got you! That was close.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH_FAIL02 - You need to be careful! They're on full alert.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH_FAIL03 - Well, that got ugly. You're lucky I'm here.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH_FAIL04 - You weren't trying to pick their pockets, were you?
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH_FAIL05 - Gotcha! Let's try that again.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH_FAIL06 - Are you crazy? They'll see you if you go flying around in there!
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH_FAIL07 - You can't fly here! You'll be spotted for sure!

  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_COMPLETE1_01 - Excellent work, friend. You've proven that a single skilled assassin can strike a decisive blow where a whole army may fail.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_COMPLETE1_02 - If you wish to continue our work, we will need some additional supplies.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_COMPLETE2_01 - Incredible. Few assassins would be clever enough to infiltrate Nalice's wards and use her own magic against her.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_COMPLETE2_02 - Perhaps. For that reason, we will need to gather more supplies.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_COMPLETE3_01 - Dalaran? He's been hidden there this whole time.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_COMPLETE4_01 - You slew him right in the purple parlor? Incredible, simply incredible!
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_COMPLETE4_02 - There's no need to worry, Fahrad. This next mission is quite likely suicide.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_FINAL_QUEST_01 - Don't underestimate my father. Even if you were to crush his body, the core of his madness and rage will still struggle to destroy you.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_FINAL_QUEST_02 - He will not be defeated until he is utterly annihilated.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_FINAL_QUEST_03 - I wish I could help, but my father is the one dragon I fear.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_FINAL_QUEST_04 - Best of luck, rogue. Whatever the outcome, you are truly a champion.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_01 - That's right, mortal. The prize you seek no longer sleeps within a shell. Here I am, in the flesh.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_02 - I'm not some trophy for a red dragon's mantlepiece, and I'm never going back.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_03 - Don't look so surprised. We dragons are conscious, even within our shells. As I grew, I could hear the plotting and scheming. I was to be born a prisoner.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_04 - But I'm one of a kind. A black dragon, raised free from the taint of my father's corruption. And that's how I intend to stay -- free.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_05 - Somehow, you managed to elude all of my guards. You slipped in here like a ghost. That makes you valuable to me. Let's talk.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_06 - You don't recognize your former prisoner?
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_07 - No, I want him to deliver a message to the red dragonflight.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_08 - Tell them that I am free of my father's madness, and I will be free of them as well. I am to be left alone. This will be my first and only warning.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_09 - Deathwing's minions should be afraid of me. Get him out of here!
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_10 - And Fahrad?
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_11 - Break his legs.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_12 - Now then, my new friend. We have much to talk about.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_13 - As you know, black dragons frequently disguise themselves as humanoids in order to tamper with mortal affairs.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_14 - While the house of my mad father collapses around him, the few remaining black dragons have gone into hiding.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_15 - But I can still sense them. My cowardly brothers and sisters will cause untold suffering if we allow them to stay in the shadows.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_16 - Moreover, they are a threat to me.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_17 - That is where you come in. Help us to slay them all, and I will reward you handsomely.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_18 - The dragon you're looking for goes by the name Creed.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_19 - He's deluded a group of diseased humans into thinking they can take their land back. He's poisoned their blood with his own draconic essence.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_20 - If you live through this, I assure you it will be worth it.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE2_01 - The gems you collected will be able to augment the power of the weapons I gave you. But I require another ingredient. It will come from your next target.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE2_02 - Her name is Nalice. And until recently, she stood at Wyrmrest Temple as the representative of the black dragonflight. Now, she's on the run.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE2_03 - I hope to see you back from this mission alive, but if I do not, I want to say I've enjoyed seeing you work. You're a credit to your race. Good luck.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE3_01 - Fermion is a crafty one, my friend. To flush him out, you'll have to operate in disguise and hobnob with the elite of Dalaran society.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE3_02 - Succeed here, and our work is nearly done. Good luck, hero.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_01 - Your eyes do not deceive you. The trecherous red dragonflight sought to kill me off. I hope now you see the truth about them.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_02 - I can feel it, as if a dark shadow has been lifted from the land. Dead! My father is dead.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_03 - Champion, you have your reward. But there is one final dragon we need to slay.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_04 - Fahrad! I was just talking about you. The final black dragon. The one who's been more hidden than any of them.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_05 - Yes, you rescued me while I was still within my egg. And I owe you my life.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_06 - But you are a black dragon, and you share the corruption of all my brothers and sisters.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_07 - Do you deny it? The dark visions, the voices in your head?
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_08 - And what are they telling you now, Fahrad? What do your dark masters whisper?
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_09 - I will never be controlled! The red dragonflight has no idea what they unleashed when they experimented on my egg.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_10 - Hero, strike now! Use your newfound power to finish him!
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_11 - It is done, friend. To my knowledge, I am the only black dragon who remains.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_12 - A new age for mortals has dawned, and heroes like you are among the vanguard.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_13 - I must go now, disappear.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_14 - Perhaps we will meet again. I hope we find ourselves on the same side.
  • VO_Wrathion_Greeting01 - I do not share my father's madness.
  • VO_Wrathion_Greeting02 - A new era is beginning.
  • VO_Wrathion_Greeting03 - I must remain hidden so that I remain free.
  • VO_Wrathion_Greeting04 - I believe an individual can have an enormous impact on the world.
  • VO_Wrathion_Greeting05 - You do not want to make it on to my list.

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