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by Published on 2018-03-21 07:34 PM

Season 6 Elite Ensembles Hotfix
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
PvP gear in legion has been a sore spot for the whole expansion, but season 6 has kind of been the culmination, since it was staggered with a raid release (making pvp gear ilevels dramatically below comparable pve content; ironic since the only thing that matters in a pvp instance is ilevel), and it shares elite set appearance with S7, which will last until BFA pre-patch.

The issue at hand now, at season end, is the elite ensembles. Their stated policy is that they do not release the ensembles to vendors until the ensemble is no longer the current skin. Since S7 ensembles will be the same as S5/6 ensembles, they're not going to be released to the vendors to be buyable by those who achieved s5/6 elite. This is frustrating for a lot of us, because that means we will not have access to our rewards until the expansion is virtually over. It would be less frustrating if the elite sets were less RNG and generally more attainable during a season, but..

  • 2k is duelist range (top 3% of a bracket that is ~60k players) for at least 12/16 weeks of the season.
  • It doesn't become accessible for rivals (top 10% of the bracket) until the last month or so once the season has gone long enough and rating has inflated to that point.
  • Random drops over 2k are not elite
  • 9 of the possible 17 slot pieces that can drop in your guaranteed elite weekly (once you're over 2k) are not visible set pieces, making it possible to be 2k+ for an entire season and still never complete your set because of unlucky rng. (some of the people on the front page of the pvp leaderboard still don't have the full set)

In previous expansions where gear was bought with currency, people could save currency and purchase entire sets when they hit the rating required for that set. IMO, releasing the set at the end of the season to those who hit the cutoff should be the compromise to alleviate that. However, their stated intent is to not release them in this way while they're still current drops so that there is an exclusive reward for people playing in the next season, since they're the same skin. IMO, that is unsatisfactory. Exclusive rewards are great, but if that's going to be the mentality, each season needs to have its own set. At least a recolor. The system was poorly thought out from the get-go, and the players should not be punished for it.

Looking into this guys! Thanks for the feedback, however please do not jump into other threads and derail them as that is something that is against the Code of Conduct. We've been seeing this post throughout the morning and have been tracking it. While we don't have an answer to really give you guys at the moment, we are actively speaking with development and will share any information that we get when we can.

Hey guys! We've spoken to the development team and we're currently planning to release the ensembles sooner rather than later via a hotfix. We don't have an exact timeline just yet of when this will happen, but its something we will hopefully have out sooner than the end of the season.

Agreed when the timeline is known will please be able to inform us?
We have a generalized timeline right now internally but its met with the usual caveats of development. The hotfix has to be created, then tested, then pushed to the live servers, and verified that it does work. So Development and QA have to find room to squeeze this in an already full schedule.

We don't like giving timelines unless we're 110% sure because literally anything can happen. i.e. hotfix doesn't work, schedules shift around etc.

TL;DR: Soon™ is a real thing sometimes!

Upcoming Island Expeditions Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
These changes will be in the next build:

  • Creatures no longer increase in Azerite over time, but are worth more in general.
  • Players and Advanced NPCs gain Azerite Residue slower
  • Updated abilities for Azerite-based elementals
  • New abilities for several humanoid groups
  • Normal difficulty tuning (generally, things will be easier, and the AI is less aggressive)
  • AI NPCs should jump around less
  • Updated Azerite visuals all around
  • Azerite Energy no longer stacks
  • Consumables available at your docks now cost Seafarer's Dubloons
  • Seafarer's Dubloons can now show up on Expeditions
  • Each faction's ship captain will now order a cannon barrage on enemies that come too near.
  • New weather effects have been added to elemental invasions.

Of note, we think the current tuning (on alpha) is in a good spot for Heroic difficulty, so on Normal you'll see creatures get a bit easier, the AI will be less aggressive towards you, and generally things will slow down, giving you some more time to explore.

We'll get that ground visual issue looked at.

Keep it coming!

We do indeed plan to have a mythic difficulty, as well as a PvP one!

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Marksmanship Hunter in Battle for Azeroth
There is absolutely no interaction in just waiting to get a proc for Aimed Shot, especially when it doesn't even grant a free charge.
It does grant a free charge.

When Lock and Load procs, it generates 1 full charge of Aimed Shot. If you're at 0.5 out of 2 charges, it brings you up to 1.5 total charges immediately, so that Aimed Shot can be used as soon as you want to use it. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

New Overwatch Patch - Brigitte Live and Sombra Nerf
Brigitte Lindholm went live in a brand new Overwatch patch yesterday!

by Published on 2018-03-20 03:16 PM

Cross-realm Mythic Antorus Now Available
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With this week's scheduled maintenance, we're making Antorus, The Burning Throne available to cross-realm groups in Mythic Difficulty.

Additionally, you'll now see Mythic Antorus in the selections in Group Finder.

To join a public group for Mythic Antorus, just open Group Finder (hotkey: i), select 'Premade Groups', then 'Raids-Legion', then click on "Find A Group". That returns a list of many public groups that are available to you. Start typing 'Antorus' into the search bar at the top, and you'll be prompted to select a difficulty.

Best of luck would-be Titanslayers!

Is it still the mythic raid lockout system or changed to loot lockout like normal/heroic?
Same normal rules from Mythic lockouts would apply, just that its now no longer restricted to players needing to be on the same server.

Patch 7.3.5 Hotfixes - March 20
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Dungeon and Raids
  • With maintenance in each region, Mythic difficulty Antorus, the Burning Throne is now available for cross realm groups.
  • Hounds of Sargeras
    • Resolved an issue which could sometimes cause Shadowscar to move a player out of the bounds of the playspace.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause in-game holidays to start or finish up to an hour early or late on the Australian realms. This also resolves an issue where the Stranglethorn Vale fishing tournament was inaccessible in Australia.
    Developers’ notes: This may cause some events to shift in the calendar slightly for Australian players. Please check the in-game calendar for updated local times.

Player Vs Player

  • Sapper Specialists should now drop the Keg of Blast-O Powder for the Alliance quest "Powder Play".
  • Lord Godfrey should no longer disappear at the beginning of "The Great Escape".
  • Scenarios to unlock later portions of the Isle of Thunder can now be started at level 85 (was 90).
  • "Rocket Rescue" should now have a marker for the location of the Steamwheedle Balloon.

World Boss - Pit Lord Vilemus
Pit Lord Vilemus is up this week, rewarding item level 930 loot!

World Boss - Withered J'im
DEADLY: Withered J'im is up this week.

Weekly Bonus Event - Arena Skirmishes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Sharpen your swords and reinforce your boards, because you’re called to the PvP Arena for the hectic mayhem of Skirmishes.

This Week: Arena Skirmishes
All week, from anywhere in Azeroth, open the Group Finder (default hotkey: i), select the Player vs. Player tab on the bottom of the window, and then under Arena Battles, choose either 2v2 or 3v3 and JOIN BATTLE. You’ll be matched up with teammates and provided with opponents to kill in the Arena.

Look for the following all week long:

  • Archmage Timear near Violet Hold in Dalaran has a quest for you.
    • Quest requirement: Win 10 Arena PvP Skirmishes
    • Reward: A PvP loot box
  • Passive buff: +50% honor gains from Skirmishes

If you’ve been looking to make some Honor gains, this is the week to do it!

Jump into PvP Brawls: Deep Six
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Who has your six in this six vs. six brawl? Deep Six will put you and your group to the test.

Every other week, a new PvP Brawl will be available to players looking for something just a little different. Each Brawl will offer a variety of modes, rules, and scenic changes to the usual Battleground gameplay, and you’ll find them in the Group Finder tool (hotkey “I”) in the Player vs. Player tab. Just like Random Battlegrounds, you’ll receive a reward for achieving victory.

Deep Six pits teams of six players against each other in three iconic Battlegrounds: Warsong Gulch, Silvershard Mines, and Temple of Kotmogu. Each Battleground offers a little variation on the traditional format, such as flags that are a bit closer in Warsong Gulch, less carts to keep track of in Silvershard Mines, and only two orbs within the Temple of Kotmogu.
by Published on 2018-03-20 01:12 AM

Challenge Rift - Week 38

The Witchwood Card Reveal Livestream is on March 26 at 11 AM PDT

Legion PvP Season 6 Ends March 20
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The gates will close on Legion PvP Season 6 for all Arena and Battleground competitors in as early as two weeks.

Season 6 – End of Season Rewards
If you participated in Season 6, to ensure you receive the rewards that you’re due, please keep the following in mind:

  • Refrain from transferring your character(s) to another realm or faction until after Legion Season 6 has ended.
  • Legion Season 6 titles and mounts will be awarded approximately two weeks after the season ends.

Faction-Based Rewards
Don’t forget—end-of-season rewards are based on your faction. If you transfer your character to the other faction, you must have 50 wins after your transfer to receive the reward. Please note that you must have 150 wins for Gladiator and Dominant Gladiator.

Fan Art - Demon Hunters Machinima
Ivan Kuzkin released a nice cinematic for Demon Hunters.

Dark Legacy Comics #625
DLC #625 has been released!

by Published on 2018-03-19 11:41 AM

Battle for Azeroth New Races - Vulpera Preview
The Vulpera are a race of fox people that live in Vol'dun on Zandalar. They haven't officially been announced as an Allied Race.

The Vulpera offer a variety of faces, ears, markings, skin colors and snouts. You can view them all in the screenshots and modelviewer below.





Skin Colors

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