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[quote author=ðεrfεℓ † καðαrηε link=topic=158876.msg2123362#msg2123362 date=1265649724]
And who are you?
Â* A two-feet-tall midget dual wielding 5ft long two-handed swords?
Â* Or a blue-skinned half-squid-half-goat uncorrupted demon of light from outer space who is a wild shaman?
Â* Or are you a killed, then raised, then liberated, then killed, then raised, then liberated again human whose eyes used to glow not, then glow yellow, and now glow blue (I'm not even talking of your spine portruding through your skin, your armor and your cloak)(and the ability to speak without lower jaw)?
Â* Or are you an elf who can turn into a cat, bear, seal, cheetah, eagle and tree, but still has to use ground mounts which you magically conjure from thin air? [/quote]


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