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What I love:
Walking, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Games, and Watching Movies.

The Real Me:
I love playing many games, and helping people. Despite how I sound here in the forums, I'm not a complete asshole, just to people who act like one directly because they feel they are entitled to act like a moron because no one knows who they are. In reality I am actually a fairly nice person who doesn't like to see people hurt and rather make friends than enemies. (Unless of course they are a complete jerk, then the fight is on. ;] ) I do speak my mind, and I try not to sugar coat it because people need to know the truth even if it might hurt.

What I hate/dislike:
Elitists: I don't think they should be allowed to play these games with normal people who enjoy having fun. They never know how to play with others well, and constantly think themselves better. I detest how they feel because they CHOOSE to raid and WORK at it hard to do it right that they deserve EVERYTHING under the sun and belittle others who chose to do it easier.

Racist Asshats: People who talk shit about other countries ... especially over a fucking game. Their country isn't perfect, and far from it. They need to take a step back and look at their own faults before pointing fingers at another nation.

The Fascist/Egotistical: People who talk shit about over weight people as well, these people have feelings, hopes and dreams like the rest of the world. We all bleed red, we all want the same thing in life, happiness. There is NO Reason to treat these people as if they are inferior, sure they look different but so does every one else in the world. They need to be treated with respect!
See Above ;3
Speaking my mind >.>


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Have you seen my posts over the past few days? You should be asking yourself why I'm alive, not why I don't have friends.
Change is inevitable, Growth is optional.

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