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December 7, 1969 (51)
I used to ride and show horses, work for non-profit no-kill animal shelters/low cost spay & neuter veterinary clinics & pet rescue, snowboard, camping a few times a year, & travel a bit before my health problems progressed, so I live vicariously through video games, tv, movies. I believe the funniest & most intelligent scripts on tv are all on animated shows! :D Futurama, ATHF, Home Movies, King of the Hill, Family Guy, SpongeBob, Squidbillies, etc. Also love Ancient Aliens, Destination Truth, History Channel, Science Channel etc.
If you want to know anything else just ask! <3

I've been playing & loving video games since my cousins got Pong ™ one Christmas! Instead of
sledding & building snowforts for snowball fights, we spent the entire Christmas vacation in
front of the spare little black & white TV. Making construction paper score sheets & round
robin tournament posters & couldn't have been happier ^^

And ever since that 1st wonderful experience with video games I've been hooked. Hours &
hours playing Adventure on Atari, and I learned that if you switched the game setting between "black &
white" or "color" you could see into the walls so I made up a game where I hid the key &
magnet & bridge etc myself for my cousins or friends to find!

Another vacation yrs later spent with those same cousins playing Super Mario Brothers 3 &
watching a tv show for the hint about 1 of the hidden flutes, listening like our lives might have
depended on it! ^^

I played the 1st Diablo while recuperating from 1 of too many surgeries, & it helped keep my mind off of the more intense moments of pain.
I stayed 'in town' to listen to Tristram music whenever I was too tired to play anymore, & it was the perfect still is<3.

Staying in on a few weekends, stacking a bunch of pillows on the bed, making popcorn, turning off the lights & watching my husband play FF7 & making him stay in Cosmo Canyon for the music when we cuddled up to sleep ~.^ , recoup after another surgery watching him play Zelda, Ocarina of Time to take my mind off the pain & help me feel better...
Sooo many good memories & stories to tell....
Yup, I LOVE video games <3
Sunny South Carolina


‘golden repair’, is the Japanese art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer. The aesthetic philosophy focuses on imperfections rather than attempting to disguise them, with the intention that the piece becomes both more valuable and more beautiful because of its history and for having been broken.

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