View Poll Results: How will you buy Guild Wars 2?

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  • Midnight release.

    40 18.26%
  • Day one purchase.

    44 20.09%
  • Buy a box a few days later.

    23 10.50%
  • Online (Direct Ddownload.)

    79 36.07%
  • Online (Same-day shipping.)

    15 6.85%
  • Online (Standard shipping.)

    8 3.65%
  • Buy it later, after the price has gone down.

    10 4.57%
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    How will you get Guild Wars 2?

    I'm just curious. I definitely plan to do a midnight release.

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    I'll pick a copy up on the nearest Wednesday after release (I have the afternoons off college on Wednesdays, so the shops will be open).

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    Will most likely pre-order it from some site and hope that it gets home on the release day, or might buy it of Steam if they will sell it there. :3

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    Probably buy the box a few days later. If I manage to find one earlier that would be great.

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    Depends on if/how they sell a CE.

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    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    I hope it'll be available on Steam.
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    For me it will be a first day buy but atm it's too early to for a Midnight release schedule so I have no idea if or where any stores near me will be doing this, but it will be a store purchase (either online or highstreet) as I want to get the CE and prefer those as hardcopys.

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    Direct Download from ANet or Steam. Preferably Steam.

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    Depends... I'll most likely pre-order it on They provide same day release on pre-ordered games, so I should be getting the game the day of release.
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    steam if available, or buy the box some days after if not.

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    Excuse me for sounding like a noob, but what is the advantage of downloading over having an actual disc? Then you have a disc, instant install, no download ? I know a lot of people do it, so it made me curious..

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    I really hope they have it available via steam, god I love steam!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostrider View Post
    Excuse me for sounding like a noob, but what is the advantage of downloading over having an actual disc? Then you have a disc, instant install, no download ? I know a lot of people do it, so it made me curious..
    Easier and more convenient, and you can always lose a disc. Also a disc is not instant, it make install it quicker but its not "instant".

    Plus, Steam seems to be a widely used method of releasing games, and steam is awesome. It's just a very good program to conveniently store all your games for you, I play every game I own via steam.
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    Preordering in Blockbuster, picking it up on day one.

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    Day One collector's edition. I don't like staying up all night gaming, even for my most anticipated games like GW2.
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    More than likely off steam, steam has GW1 and a bunch of a-net/ncsoft (maybe all) games.
    also more than likely have a cool steam preorder bonus like a hat in TF2 or some random

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    Midnight release collector's edition.

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    Depends what the difference between physical and digital collectors editions are really.

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    i will jump the first guy i see with a copy of the game on release day :P

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    Lots of steam support, which is cool, but I find it highly unlikely it'll be on there for launch...

    I would personally like to see it there, with a 4 pack option : )


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    depends on the release date.
    Usually I go for day one buy.
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