View Poll Results: How will you buy Guild Wars 2?

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  • Midnight release.

    40 18.26%
  • Day one purchase.

    44 20.09%
  • Buy a box a few days later.

    23 10.50%
  • Online (Direct Ddownload.)

    79 36.07%
  • Online (Same-day shipping.)

    15 6.85%
  • Online (Standard shipping.)

    8 3.65%
  • Buy it later, after the price has gone down.

    10 4.57%
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    Will pre-order the collectors edition.I like the box edition because I'm old school like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostrider View Post
    Excuse me for sounding like a noob, but what is the advantage of downloading over having an actual disc? Then you have a disc, instant install, no download ? I know a lot of people do it, so it made me curious..
    No worrying about losing the disc, you can install the game anywhere with an internet connection and so on. Especially the "no worrying about losing disc" part is what I like the most.
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    im thinking about pre ordering i hope it comes out on the weekend so then i can lock my self in my room playing it

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    I'd go to a midnight release if my schedule allows it. I'd prefer to have the physical copy of the game so I can add it to my little collection :P

    Unfortunately, I'm not pushed enough to purchase EotN JUST to add it to my "collection", so if I can't go a midnight release, I'll definitely try to get a direct download or a pre-order.

    EDIT: Pre-order as in, pre-order the game and pick it up when I can.

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    Me and my hubby are going to buy two CE's from Amazon and have them shipped out quick-enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkenaw View Post
    Midnight release collector's edition.
    I'm with you brother x3. If I can get it that way, I will.

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    Midnight release collector's edition baby. =)

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    Im getting the day before, going to break into a gamestore.

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    Midnight release, oh yeah!

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    Pre-Order Biggest Phattest CE ever!

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    I'll probably pre-order the game in the same store, like I always do. Then, I'll go grab it as soon as I leave work that day!

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    I'm going to set aside time for the release date for a midnight release, hopefully a collectors edition. I have faith that GW2 is going to be around a long time and I want to be able to say years from now, "Yeah, I was one of the first, original players." I've never been so hyped for another MMO, not Rift, Conan, Aion, Tera, or even SWTOR have gotten me so hyped.
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    But a box a few days later, here I can't have a midnight release.

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    Online download or pre-order CE.

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    Digital Download as always

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    Bloodsail Admiral
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    I will preorder it, and hopefully get it on release day

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    I love having games in physical versions.

    I have all 4 World of Warcraft in the original box, Aion in steel version and then a lot of other games, all on my desk.

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    I'll reserve it at a local gaming store and do a midnight release... but not gamestop. They're a bunch of soulless, unprofessional, assholes (at least the stores in my area).
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    GW2 will be the first game ever that I buy at release day (the WoW addons don't count), and the first time I get a collector's edition. For now I dont know how I'll get it though, depends if there are different pre order bonuses (which I hope not, because it's stupid). If there are though, I will choose accordingly. It absolutely has to be physical, and I need to have it on day one. Preferably earlier, so nothing can go wrong ;p
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    Midnight release, be it digital download or good ol' fashioned box. Depends on how big it is for the digital download, though.

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