View Poll Results: How will you buy Guild Wars 2?

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  • Midnight release.

    40 18.26%
  • Day one purchase.

    44 20.09%
  • Buy a box a few days later.

    23 10.50%
  • Online (Direct Ddownload.)

    79 36.07%
  • Online (Same-day shipping.)

    15 6.85%
  • Online (Standard shipping.)

    8 3.65%
  • Buy it later, after the price has gone down.

    10 4.57%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Menkey View Post
    I really hope they have it available via steam, god I love steam!

    Easier and more convenient, and you can always lose a disc. Also a disc is not instant, it make install it quicker but its not "instant".

    Plus, Steam seems to be a widely used method of releasing games, and steam is awesome. It's just a very good program to conveniently store all your games for you, I play every game I own via steam.
    Yup, but the offline mode is not reliable (And not that GW2 is SP) and if you manage to lose your Steam account, BAM, all your games are gone. Anyway not gonna turn this into a Steam hate thread. I think I'll be buying it in midnight release just because i'm such a huge fan of GW!

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    Collector's Edition, at a midnight release.

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    The Lightbringer karate99's Avatar
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    I'm gonna buy it off steam like with all my games.

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    Just for you people order it online and get it shipped, I bought my Cataclysm from GAME and I didn't get it until 12 in the morning the day after. Just warning you, especially from GAME.

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    Assuming digital download... first game I've ever considered getting a CE though, depending on the quality of in-game perks that come with it.

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    Either midnight or the day of. As easy as it would be to download it, I like actually getting the physical media for some games (still have my boxes for two of my favorite games, Pariah and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic). Dunno why, it might be because I have a soft spot for physical media (I refuse to buy an e-reader, I like books) but it might also be because I'll likely buy the collectors edition for the extra goodies

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    Pandaren Monk GeordieMagpie's Avatar
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    Probably a few days later (Since it takes a week or so for games to come out in the middle east after EU/US)
    Howay the lads!

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    Depending on which day of the week it's released, it'll either be a midnight release collection or a digital download. (If such option exist)

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    The Unstoppable Force smrund's Avatar
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    Depends on what's offered in the collector's edition. If it's a sweet offer I'll pre-order and then probably attend the midnight release. Otherwise I'll pick it up after launch to avoid the headaches of launch.
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    There wasn't even midnight release for WOW here, so GW2 isn't getting one either.
    Will just buy it on Steam or something.
    Quote Originally Posted by sarethen View Post
    I always get nostalgic feels from listening to the elywnn music. I could hear the crickets and the moon was out, just running through elwynn down to goldshire. So beautiful. I was checking out the tavern, loved the music. Then a night elf asked me to suck his cock for 15s.

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    Direct download. My connection is pretty fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhandric View Post
    Depends on if/how they sell a CE.
    This. Otherwise, DD.

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    Herald of the Titans Eorayn's Avatar
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    Will pre-order it at the local Blockbuster and pick it up the day after release after school.

    Still thinking about Collector's Edition :P

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    I will most likely be preordering it once an official preorder and release date are available. If they have a collectors edition with things I like (especially a game soundtrack) then I'll get that.

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    Hoping Steam gets it..and probably will as they have Champions Online and of course the original GW stuff. Silently hoping for a digital CE like many games have been getting recently, like Rift for example.
    I've grown to dislike boxes for PC games as I have enough lying around for my consoles - which I ironically prefer the discs for.
    I have fast internet (35/35) so even the larger games I get in no time and it's just nice having everything central in one service that's for the most part been very reliable for me so far.

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    Got CE reserved, so I guess I'll get it shipped home on the day before release or later on the same day.

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    Scarab Lord Arkenaw's Avatar
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    I changed my mind. I will get digital CE if it's available.

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    Depends on whats in the CE, I'll be downloading the day of release if it doesn't have anything I want to badly. Also depends on the release day, i really hope its not in February please be December or March but not February

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balfire View Post
    Depends on whats in the CE, I'll be downloading the day of release if it doesn't have anything I want to badly. Also depends on the release day, i really hope its not in February please be December or March but not February
    It would be March at the very earliest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mif View Post
    It would be March at the very earliest.
    Thats a relief, sad, but a relief. My girlfriends birthday is in February, her parents are moving across the country in January do to a promotion of her father to E9 in the Coast Guard, but she is staying for college and to be with me. Since it will be her first birthday or holiday without her family and she won't have them here to make it special I have something planned for everyday from Feb 4th (her birthday) until the 28th. And wouldn't be able to play at all lol March on the other hand is my birthday month and I plan to spend way to many hours playing through this beautiful world arenanet is making for us.

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    I wouldn't make plans for March though.
    Most peoples money is on Q2 2012; Personally I'm tipping April.

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