View Poll Results: How will you buy Guild Wars 2?

219. You may not vote on this poll
  • Midnight release.

    40 18.26%
  • Day one purchase.

    44 20.09%
  • Buy a box a few days later.

    23 10.50%
  • Online (Direct Ddownload.)

    79 36.07%
  • Online (Same-day shipping.)

    15 6.85%
  • Online (Standard shipping.)

    8 3.65%
  • Buy it later, after the price has gone down.

    10 4.57%
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    Field Marshal Niamea's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Either Midnight release or buy it later at the same day.
    I want to have the Box in my room! :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalla View Post
    Kalla and I** hahah jk. Yes midnight release it is!
    Ha you and I will be the nerds sitting in the line, the line of shame. haha jk.
    Oh and YOU are the last person that can freaking correct my grammar! UGH!

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    Online ( Direct Download ) for sure.

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    Titan Snowraven's Avatar
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    I can't remember if I actually responded to this or just voted... so anyway, I'll buy the box, I like to make a box tower of games, I put them in shelves like books

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    digital download if anything. its usually the cheapest and easiest way

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    Im not sure tbh, but will prolly go with the box, maybe Limited Edition if the contents (NOT INGAME ONES!) will be nice.
    If it will be just box + dvds ill go with online key only.
    Not gonna go for midnight release either, Ill just end up preordering and have it delivered to my doorstep.

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