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    Ragnaros HM P3

    Hey guys, we are working on H Ragnaros for quite some time now and we are still struggling to take him to P4 with only 1 meteor (we usually drop him to 10% 2-4 seconds after the second meteor spawns).

    I'm playing ele on this fight and I'm wondering if you have some tips to boost my DPS during P3 (and maybe P4).

    Here is my armory link :

    Here are our last night logs :
    - my best :
    - another good one :

    Our raid comp changes from day to day but it's like :
    - 2 tanks (dk / pal / war)

    - holy pal
    - disco priest

    - frost dk
    - boomkin / demono (rarely together)
    - ele sham
    - shadow priest
    - feral druid
    - MM hunt

    So we don't have the 3% increased damages because our arcane mage dps is way too low and we decided to leave him on the waiting bench for some time, should our hunt go Beast Master ?

    I tested Sorrowsong but i didn't see any dps augmentation, should I keep wearing it ? I also have Moonwell Chalice but 1700 mastery seems a little weak.

    We usually switch to rag even if the last Lava Scion isn't dead (one tank kills it) and pop BL 5 seconds after Rag comes back, should we wait a little more to pop BL ?

    About Elemental Mastery, I use it when my volcano card procs and use a potion but sometimes I have to wait for more than 10 seconds after Rag came back, should I use it ASAP and have it up again at the very end of P3 ? Do you use your normal priority list during P3 or do you cast a little more LB to refresh elemental mastery faster ? (I'm using the normal priority list FYI).

    Any tips to have my f*£%ing fire elemental actually attack the boss ? Sometimes it just stays idle and decides to attack the meteor ...

    I think that's it, any help will be very much appreciated ! Thanks.

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    31k DPS on that burst phase isn't that good, but okay.

    But with your gear, i would probably expect more than 24k to 31k. And it can't be only those 3% less damage.

    And we use hero right when ragnaros is up because the phase between ragnaros popping up and the world in flames is probably the longest.

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    31k ? I'm seeing 37 and 36k.

    We use BL right after Rag comes back for the same reaso. Anyway thanks.

    Edit : You were talking about the entire P3 not only during the BL, sorry for the misunderstanding.
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    3% would be the difference. I doubt you'll find many if any hm rag 10s without an Arcane Mage. If you're serious about downing Rag I'd recruit a new mage because they're also very useful in P4 with improved blink

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    Your doing fine tbh, get the rest of your raid to make this post imo, you're carrying them if anything you seem to be doing above 30k which is what you need to get that 1 meteor so i see no problem with you.
    Also with lust your shadow priest is pathetic should be at around 40k for sure in his gear.
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    My guild is in the same position you are in (though we are in 25M). Our locks and spriests can get up to 42k+ during that burst phase, though I struggle to get past where you are achieving. Honestly, its more about those lower dps than it is about your performance.

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    Well first thing you should figure out is how to look at the damage during that burn phase... You are doing like 30k average over the course of all your attempts during the burn (and that is being optimistic) looking at the logs.

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    Make your hunter go BM. Ours did it this week for hero and he very similar dps to MM in p3. Pop hero as soon as he comes up, pop cds and then immobile dps move to sides doing world in flames. Also I feel like your healers could be doing more dmg. Your healers are doing 300-500k dmg in comparison to our 1,0-1,2mill dmg.

    Btw your reading the logs wrong. You're suppose to read the logs from the time the last sons of flame dies and 95 or so seconds forward.
    Here's your correct log:
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    We downed Rag HC 2 times without arcane mage, tho we had retri so half of the raid had 3% more dmg.
    What we r doing to avoid melee getting parries in ph3 is split raid to 2 groups - one behind ( thats the melee dpsers group ) and one with tanks ( healers and most of the casters here ). The other thing is on our first kill we had healers knocking meteors.
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    Ok, somethings I was seeing, and some things that will help
    1) Some of your DPS during the burn phases are doing less then sub par DPS. Doing DPS that is is equal of the tanks is just bad during a BURN PHASE
    Why I think this is happening: Your DPS have terrible situational awareness and cannot multi-task on a rotation and what's going on around them.

    2) I have no idea how 10 man works as I've never tried it and have no urge to; but are your DK's glyphed for Death Grip? A simple focus macro can make knocking back boulders a cake walk if done correctly. I assume on 10 man you can have ranged and a healer on one side, and the tanks and the other healer on the other side, meaning that the tanks can take care of it while its in the middle, and once it gets into DK range then they can do it easily.

    3) DOUBLE POT It's the hardest boss of the expansion and you guys arent even double potting? Comon, put some effort into it. Some of the players aren't even potting AT ALL! Of course you aren't gonna make a DPS check if you're not making the most of your characters

    Frost DK: Mining isnt a raiding profession
    Spriest: Is using Heartsong as his DPS enchant, GET RID OF IT.
    Eley Shaman: You got the tier shoulders for resto, but do not have 4pc for Eley. The stats might be better on the resto piece, but I can assure you, have LB insta cast is a HUGE dps increase especially on P3 where movement happens a lot. HINT You can do your entire rotation while running
    Boomkin: Gear is PRETTY far behind to be considered for Heroic Rag, especially if you want to push just 1 boulder.

    Honestly, im baffled that blizzard has nerfed content so much that players can come onto forums and ask for help on how to do the hardest boss in the game.. But that's just my opinion. TL;DR I think your players need to work a little bit more on there approach to the game before they are ready to down it.

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    Thank you all.

    @Yilar : I was focussing on the BL part of the P3 which is dumb.

    @Emaias : We're actually thinking about re-organizing the guild to solve that issue. About my shoulders, I was healing until Rag and had to build an Ele stuff with my healing stuff, I didn't had a chance to get a token since. In addition : I'm not really used to the ele spec which is why I'm asking for "help"/advices and I don't think this is wrong.

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    Are you guys keeping the last Son of Flame alive so that you can have the 20-ish seconds of burn time on the scions before Rag comes back? If not, that will definitely help you a ton. And I think everyone else pretty much covered the other issues

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    You should never wait with popping your elemental mastery I think. I just pop it off cooldown. With the exception of having to wait for phase 3.
    We have almost the exact same team as you, and our hunter went Beast mastery to get us the 3% dmg. (Our arcane mage went away for a while after the first kill)

    What I do for phase 3 is just before the splitting blow I try to set my totems right in front of the boss, a bit to the left (where I have to go in p3) and pop my fire elemental when my power torrent and volcano trinket are up if possible. Make sure you place your totem as close to the boss as possible, I found that my ele is more likely to attack that way.

    We mark an add on the far side that we bring down to low hp and kill one of the scions. When the scion is down we kill the add quickly when ragnaros spawns.
    AS SOON as ragnaros spawns, I use heroism, elemental mastery and potion and try to pump out all the dps I can. If my fire elemental happens to reset during that phase I try to put all my totems to the far left (where I'm going to head) and pop my fire elemental during heroism again.
    When the first meteor spawns it's our healers jobs to knock it off the dps while healing.

    Keep wearing the trinkets you have now, and keep using the normal priority.
    Try to get 4set elemental, as the instant lavaburst is very nice during world in flames.

    As for phase 4, our hunter (engineer) did the dreadflame and our moonkin did the knocking of the meteor.

    Try to use your fire elemental with as much cooldowns and/or procs active, since it takes a snapshot of your stats when you pop it

    Oh and get your hitcap fixed -.-

    This should be helpful enough

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