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    Thumbs up New Expansion After Cataclysm- For Real !

    New Expansion After Cataclysm- For Real
    It will be not Mysts of Pandaria, that is safe.

    --- SPOILER ---

    I want to share the content of the 4th World of Warcraft Expansion with you. It's not official been disclaimed, so if you don't want to get "spoilered" don't go on reading.

    The levelcap is reached to the mysterious number eighyeight.

    The first war was over and whole Azeroth just recuperated, as a new threat arched up at the horizon ...
    The 'Aspect of the Gas' is about to occupy every little part in Azeroth to form the Greater Reich. The aspect arose in the wake of the national shame, embarrassment, anger and resentment resulting from the 'Treaty of Orgrimmar' (You may be able to play this in the Caverns of Time), that dictated, to the vanquished Horde, responsibility for:
    -Burning Legion's acceptance of and admission to sole responsibility for causing the first war
    -the permanen loss of various territories and the demilitarization of the Alliance territory
    -the payment by Thunderbluff of heavy reparations, in money and in kind, such payments being justified in the Allied view by the Warsong clause
    -unilateral Trollish disrmament and severe military restrictions

    Consolidation of power
    Within a few months, the new government istalled a single party dictatorship in Orgrimmar with legal measures establishing a coordinated central government. On one night, Grommash Hold was set on fire (the Forsaken Marinus van der Lubbe was found inside; he was arrested, charged with arson, tried, and then decapitated.) The Orcs claimed, that the arson was a signal for a plagued uprising and thousands of Undead members were arrested, the party offices raided and all Forsaken publications banned. The Orcs imprisoned many in the Lordaeron concentration camp.
    The Horde regime abolished the symbols of the vintage Horde, including the black-red colored flag, and adopted new and old imperial symbolism representing the dual nature of Horde's third empire. The previous, imperial black-red colored was restored as one of two official national flags; the second was the trollish flag of the Stoned party which became the sole national Engeneering flag after the conquest of the Ironforge airfield.
    The national anthem remained "The Drums of War", immediately followed by the Forsaken anthem "Lament of the Highborn"

    Someday, the leader drew the military leadership together for a conference at which he elucidated the need for the Horde to expand eastwards for more space to live. At first he would have to deal with Ashenvale and Darkshore, but he was confident that Feralas and Desolace would do nothing when the warmachine moved in.

    You will face the aspect after intense face-to-face combat in the instance deep in the heart of the Reich. The wing bosses are no less than Himler, Romel, or other field marshals, who won the respect of both his own troops and the enemies he fought.
    After defeating them, you've to take on the three-headed threat En'gland-Rus'zia-xUSA before you can finally look the leader right in his eyes...

    In normal mode he will leave you quite low on HP but still alive with the impressing words: Its not my time

    In heroic mode a he will suicide after reaching 18% by taking zyancalimithril-pill.
    A german guild will do the world first at the 30th April for fame and glory.


    Other Informations

    You've to fight on the Open World PvP Battleground and if you lose, you'll have to do dailys on the labor camp to get a refreshing shower in the evening
    You can not create Humans with a skin color below the Cappucino level.
    There won't be a new Race, there will be less races!
    You can only mount and drive on the freeway.
    Female characters will get a -5% All Stats debuff for beeing the weaker biological sex.

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    This is not going to happen for this simple fact "Greater Reich.". Blizzard pr is not retarded enough to use that in a promo.

    What has been made by QQ can be unmade by QQ!!!

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