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    fire VS will. Pvp

    I now seen shit load of priest with really good gear. And everytime I see a priest with inner Will, my blood presure goes to the top.

    I ALWAYS whisper them, they have wrong inner. They normally reply: fuck you scrub, or something like that.

    I dont see the point of will, compared to fire??

    10% movement speed ~ Your ALWAYS slowed in PvP, you really are. So we actually delete that one.
    15% mana cost vs 600 spell power and 60% armor. 15% mana cost, I dont got low mana in Arena nor BG.

    Am i really that wrong?


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    I always thought the rule was, Fire against Melee and Will against everything else.

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    Inner fire for BGs. Inner fire for all arenas that contain a melee, if it's double caster healer switch to Will. Switch to will if your mana is low.

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    But what abount the 700 spellpower, which is pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parish View Post
    But what abount the 700 spellpower, which is pretty good.
    In an Arena CC is key. Against Melee where the armour gain is more important you take fire. Against casters who need to be Line-of-Sighted movement speed is key, especially against frost mages; ergo Will is more important. Your spellpower won't matter if a FMage slow turns into a stun turns into you dead.

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    Fire if you're likely to get attacked, Will if you're not thats how I usually approach it (i got the 6% fire talent). If you don't go oom well then fire is obviously better, but sometimes you do oom so Will should always be an option to consider. Also you can always switch doing battles if you change your mind. I like starting out in fire so if they start on me I don't have to switch though.

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    What good does that 700 spell power do if you are oom?
    Mana is something important in arena and as long as you can, use inner will.

    And why would you try to correct people in game if you don't know yourself? <.<

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    Fire is better against casters aswell due to the reduced spell damage, you can get lavawalker and lose a bit of movement speed (which doesnt matter that much)

    Mana isn't an issue on 3v3 and 5v5 or Rated BG's, and even if it was 10% won't make a difference since it only applies to instant casts - 700 SP on ALL the spells is better than reduced mana cost on PoM, Renew and Shields

    I would only use IW if you're going to do a lot of dispelling, even so might not be worth it - remember the golden rule about IW: you get a free cast for each 10 instant casts (doesn't sound so good now compared to bigger heals) - the difference of IF is about the same of 32+ ilvl difference on a weapon (which is A LOT)
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