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    Testing Official Dedicated Server

    Hi, i've been playing minecraft for a while and I just recently converted my server to an dedicated server host. If anyone wants to play on it and help me test the connections and all that jazz and make sure its stable that'd be great! And if you wanna just play on it and make whatever you want thats cool too. I have a multi-world set up so if you want to play Survival you can take a portal to the Survival World or you can just stay in the Creative world and build whatever you want. I also have some Arena style worlds set up where you can duel :]. I hope i'm allowed to post this, if not, just delete my thread. I read the minecraft forum rules and it seemed okay. Thanks!!! See you there...or not haha.

    Here is the I.P :

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    Title is a bit misleading, not context for it. Other than that there's nothing wrong with your post. What's the purpose of the server? If it's going to be a publicly available server? If it is might be worth posting it in the server listings thread once you've got it tested up, at least from how you've described it, it seems like it will be.

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    Responding to the people who were active members on my server. I had to get a new server IP and if you would like to know it just PM and i'll give you the info. Sorry i'm responding here but there is no other way to get in contact with you.

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