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    Good pvp shadow videos.

    I have been trying to find a good pvp shadow video for tricks and tips. At about 2000+ in 3v3 and feel like im stuck at a certain point. so if any1 knows any great plz link .

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    I don't know about videos but there are usually some good streams of fights on Arena Junkies.


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    Everything that is streamed is saved so you can watch what he has streamed. This is probably the best Shadow Priest in the world right now. He is going to be competing in Blizzcon this weekend and his team is the favorite alongside Glyptic's (anyone who has played Glyptic knows he is pretty damn good) to win the tournament. This is also the Shadow Priest that was featured in Reckful's video "Reckful 3", which is probably one of the best PvP videos to date even so good to be featured on MMO-Champion's front page, though not well received since PvE heroes weren't able to follow.
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    It probably depends on your comp to be honest. Finalrequiem has some Shadowplay videos from Priest point of view that might be of use for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W00M7...el_video_title

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    Thanks for the links pepps

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