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    Question [Disc] Need help

    Here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...igaro/advanced is a link to priest's armory.

    Long story short. I'm having a butt load of mana issues. This toon's gear is what I would say, a work in progress, but I'm ooming BAD! I have a heroic FLs geared shaman and nearly reg-BiS alt druid, so I'm not new to healing or anything, I just am severely missing something when it comes to disc healing. I know a good majority of my problem is gear and missing gem and enchants, etc. but I just picked this toon back up earlier in the week, and he's already got a 355 item average. I figured I'd gem enchant when I get better gear, I hate wasting on gear I know I'm about to replace.

    The funny thing is all the threads I've read say disc has nearly endless mana. I can see that being somewhat true with like a 370 item level, but right now, I'm surely not seeing it.

    The stat weight I've been running is:
    Int > Spirit ~ 2000* > Mastery > Crit > Haste *(even though I'm way behind on spirit)
    and I've only had 5 man experience so far.

    I'm juggling Rapture, Grace, PoM, Penance and PW:S as best as possible.
    I'm specced OUT of atonement; I found that I was rarely using it with such a low gear level. I figured once I gear raid ready and I get my mana under control, I would spec back into it.

    Any insight or tips would be greatly welcomed. Feel free to tear me apart, this is my third alt, and unlike my more familiar alts, this is the first time I've seriously tried healing as disc so I'm completely open to suggestions.


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    You have quite a few items without spirit, and not all of them are reforged to give extra spirit either. You've got a couple of enchants and gems lacking, which can help you make the most out of your current gear. You could try and put a Heartsong enchant on your weapon, but apart from that it really boils down to:

    1. Get items with spirit on them naturally, until you have a comfortable regen pool
    2. Continue to stack int as much as you can.
    3. Unless you will really miss the socket bonuses, put red int gems in everything
    4. Try and get a headpiece with a meta gem slot
    5. Use Gheal with Inner Focus as much as possible, it is almost as efficient as only healing with Heal as SoS Disc.

    With Disc I find that at a certain amount of int, you start breaking even more on Rapture returns. This happened to me around 90k mana, where I no longer felt pressured for regen much. After that, I felt comfortable starting cutting back on spirit, swapping Heartsong for Power Torrent, for instance. This may vary depending on personal preference, healing style, etc. though. It's good to keep in mind as well that with better gear, meaning more int, you need less regen from gear, since Rapture will more than make up for it with really nice scaling.

    Personally I find haste far better than crit and on par with mastery, so not sure why you are avoiding it? It lets you cast slower heals instead of spamming flash heal and shields when the damage goes up.
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    Get cheapskate enchants.
    +50 haste on gloves
    +heartsong on wep
    +50 int on bracer (you won't replace that before domo hc anyway)

    Use the hyjal tabard, you need the head enchant, Ramkahen doesn't help you at all.

    Try to get into FL trash one, 2 runs and you're friendly = new cloak. If you can't get into one then make ur own.

    Ditch skinning and mining (seriously what are u doing with such traits?). Pick up alchemy and inscription, they are fairly cheap to lvl and you don't have to farm therazane rep for weeks to get the shoulder enchant that way.

    Do the halloween boss (check dungeon que window), he drops a nice 365 spirit ring, just keep queing into it till you get it.

    Also if the socket bonus isn't +10 int or +20 any other stat don't bother going for it, just gem +40 int.

    Oh and if an item doesn't have spirit on it make sure to reforge to it. People that say you don't need spirit and such already have tons of intellect, you do however not have that, so spirit is a must.
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    havent bothered looking through your armory but here is a few pointers:

    1. use a rapture tracker
    2. when regaining mana use your cd's correctly. Hymn of hope scales from your haste at the point you cast it meening the more haste the more ticks you get of hymn. Shadow fiend regains mana by a % of you max mana pool so the way to max it all is:

    First use fiend (you can use a int pot or proc/use effect to increase this even more). Then PI yourself + pw:s someone (tank or whoever you feel like) then hymn of hope. Fiend will get you more mana back cause Hymn increases your max mana. PI is 20% haste + the haste gain from Pw:S. I go from 30% mana to 90% when i do it like this.

    Hope this helps a bit

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    Just a quick look but your spirit is low. I found once I'm around 2200-2400 spirit, then I barely even need to stop to drink in the troll dungeons.

    Don't throw your PW:S on everyone, keep it on your tank and maybe one other but use PoH if you want to shield your group. Also grab the nightweavers amulet from the Molton Core, which wont take long, especially seeing you have the cloak already. And grab the new ring from the headless horseman.

    You don't have to have everything gemmed and enchanted (don't waste the money on 333s, even the 346s really). Also make sure you use the Core of Ripeness often, but try and wait for int procs if possible (still use it often, even if you don't get the procs).

    Oh - and if you haven't already, macro Inner Focus to GHeal & PoH (flash and binding if you like as well but you shouldn't use those much anyways).
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    Upgrade your combat regen to 2000-2200, and then reforge anything into mastery etc. Use Inner focus when PoH'ing. Use your racial when possible. Start boss fights with Shadowfiend, on long fights, you will be able to use it twice. Invest into DC:Tsunami for exchange of Core. Put Heartsong on weapon. Put Arcanum on head, and therazane enchant on shoulders. Buy cheapest enchants on other part of gear, that you would exchange in nearest future. Buy 50 intellect on your bracer.

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    helm: crit to spi
    neck: crit to haste (optional)
    shoulders: crit to spirit
    cloak: mastery to spirit
    robes: crit to spirit
    pants: crit to spirit
    gloves: crit to spirit

    your spirit is too low, your crit is too high
    you have several items reforging haste to mastery - you'll find dozens of threads here talking about haste vs mastery and it really comes down to playstyle. I prefer a balance between the two, others prefer haste, others prefer mastery.

    Armory shows 5 unenchanted items, an empty socket and your belt buckle is missing. Get your hyjal rep and make sure you're doing your therazane dailies - you should already be revered if you actually leveled in that zone.

    DISCLAIMER: This is just what I would do; these are the reforges I would start with if this were my character.

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