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  • Assassin

    6 40.00%
  • Marauder

    9 60.00%
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    The Great Debate...

    In a PvP scenario, given the info we've been given on the classes, who do you think would win in a 1 on 1, Sith Marauder, OR the Sith Assassin..

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    I think the more skilled player at their class would win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thornstar View Post
    I think the more skilled player at their class would win.
    Let's say they are equal in Gear/Skill, etc

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    I really don't think we can choose an option without blindly guessing, in which case, I don't see the reason for this.
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    As the assassin can specc into a tank roll and tanks are superior over melees in almost all cases (1 on 1) my vote goes to the assassin here. But i don't really see a point in this poll bc. pvp is a group activity and only sometimes when farming (or ganking) ond a pvp-server a 1on1.

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    ask again in 3 months time

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    Wow. It's like that D3 thread, 'most overpowered class?'. It's way, WAY too soon to tell. We cannot have any possible idea on which class would win in a 1v1 fight when the game isn't even released yet.

    Patience. You can have your 'ASSASSIN IS SO OP OMG NERF IT FFS FAILWARE' flame wars when the game is actually released. Until then, let's just avoid the pointless threads, yeah? =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oradraffe View Post
    Let's say they are equal in Gear/Skill, etc
    A draw, the marauder gets his final blow wile the Assassins saberbleedofdoom drains his target to death.
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    1 v 1? I would probly have to put my vote on the frost mage.

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    That's easy! The Jedi Shadow waiting for the end of the duel.

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    Whos ever make it alive , will get a nerf
    Its Loose/Loose for both

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    It's a bit too soon to make any assumptions on this. Closing.

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