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    how much spirit for resto pvp

    Hey guys, I have been playing ele shaman in bg's and RBG's but I made a resto spec out of pure frustration from lack of healers. That being said I have very little spirit. Should I start going through my gear and start replacing non spirit items? Or if I just keep an eye on my water shield should that be enough to keep me going? Click on thundabumba in my Sig to see what I'm working with.

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    I find 800-850 to be MY sweet spot.
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    Playing an Resto Shaman myself, I find 2k spirit a respectable amount whilst doing 3v3. One could argue it being a little low, however it's fine for me. You could think about getting the DMC-Tsunami in your other trinket slot, if you can get yourself to 3.9-4k resi.

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