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    sticky thread for blizcon

    is it possible for there to be a stickt thread for ALL blizzcon ifno and commments to go (inc the new) that boub and chad post with exception for the news section of the forum?

    mabye put it in the general decusions section and lock all other threads on the topic and direct them there? 1 or 2 hrs be4 blizcon begins?

    dont flame for this id like it to be all kept in 1 palce if ppl including my self want to come bck to a certain topic mentioned there say possibly

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    I'm sure there will be once info starts to come in.

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    I think there will be an 'official' thread of each announcement, otherwise the General Discussion forum will be filled with 9-10 threads on the same thing as soon as it's announced. I hope so anyway.

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    I hope there's are moderators reading this right now. For once, and especially tomorrow, I would just love to see duplicate threads get deleted immediately. Nothing is more infuriating than seeing 12 threads all containing the same content. And don't tell me to report them, because I have and not once have I seen a duplicate thread closed or deleted.

    Just once, I wanna see duplicate threads be treated as such. Especially tomorrow and Saturday, when every *special* person feels the need to make a thread about every silly announcement Blizzard makes.

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