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    Dev Tracking...

    Can we get a Box on the front page for Swtor Dev Tracking posts like we have for WoW Blue tracking. It would be alot better so i only have to come to MMO champ instead of SWTOR everytime just a food for thought for a updated. ^_^
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    I'm gonna guess "probably not" from the standpoint that MMO-C, for all that it has forums on other MMOs, is predominantly a WoW site.

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    Ya I highly doubt it to be honest. The only reason we got our own Sub Forum is most likely because they were tired of policing threads not about WoW.

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    Yeah, as much as I'd like this, most probably won't ever happen on MMO-Champ.
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    Well with so many great upcoming MMO's coming out, I really think that MMO-Champ should start covering more than just WoW.... hell, its not the only MMO out there

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