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    Next Expansion finally leaked: The Argus Prophecy

    hi I have a friend who works in Blizzard and last night I got a bit of information about the next expansion from her. Basically the whole thing is based around the Naaru and their plans finally being revealed coming into fruition. Both Elune and the Tauren's sun god are revealed as Naaru who have been present on Azeroth for a long time.

    The Naaru themselves aren't exactly what we've been led to believe, they are the lingering souls of a race that were deemed chaotic by the Titans and thus destroyed very early on (contrary to them being created at the dawn of time). They oppose both the Titans and the Burning Legion and have been constructing an army of light to essentially resist both. Azeroth has been on their radar for a long time and it is no coincidence that the Orcs and Draenai ended up on Azeroth. Velen is privy to much of this information.

    Another important storyline tidbit she gave me is that apparently there is a civil war in the burning legion. Kil'Jaeden, who has become increasingly powerful over time, has rebelled against Sargeras in his weakened state since Medivh's death and now commands many of the legions species including the eredar demons and pitlords.

    She would not reveal who the main bad guy is in the expansion, but we will be finding out the fate Alleria. Let's just say she's not so friendly any more *wink wink*. Turalyon apparently followed her through the portal and now leads some kind of resistance on the other side...

    She told me some features of the expansion:
    - Will be set mainly on the legion home world of Argus
    - level cap is 90
    - new demon hunter class available to all races.
    - new soul shifting mechanic. She wouldn't reveal anything about it
    - path of the titans re-introduced
    - time travel will be involved, and we will get to see how Argus fell. Not sure if via instances, or zones set in the past

    she is gonna be mad about me posting this shit, but fuck it lol

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    Doubt that.
    Also she's getting fired now.

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    Draenei heavy expansion would be suicide. Faaaaaake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thekrik View Post
    hi I have a friend who works in Blizzard
    Yeah, sure ya do.

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    and nothing about the Queen Azshara.....

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    what a good friend you are!

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    The Argus Prophecy? What is this, a Dan Brown book?

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    this seems somewhat plausible,more so then panda's, but I won't believe any of these threads until they announce something this weekend.

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    I'd be happier with this than with the lolpandren

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    sounds like something they would have on the block to do, maybe not this next one tho.
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    Seriously nice try dude, but i have some doubt about it.

    There is no trademark update for this name in the first place....

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    It would be a HUGE curve ball, and although I love the idea of going to Argus and fighting the Legion once again, I highly doubt this is credible.

    Definitely some cool ideas, though.

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    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... where are the pandas and paladin nerfs?

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    stop trolling....

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    I know a friend's uncle's sister's mother that works in the cleaning department at Blizzard HQ, and she told me you're full of crap.

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    I almost slightly sort of possibly kinda believed you slightly almost sort of...and than you said Demon Hunter and ruined any and all grasp you slightly sort of almost kinda maybe had on me.
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    Could it be as interesting as Pandas...sure...

    Is it another fake like everything else we have recently seen...sure...

    Cool idea but without any more convincing evidence than "my friend told me" I am gonna go with fake.
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    Not to mention argus isnt the legion homeworld, was the Draenei's

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    interesting title if i say so myself
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