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    How many of you are using it or just not even bothering with it for raggy hc.

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    You really don't need to anymore. Especially not in 10man where it's really easy to push one meteor.
    Tier 11 - 25man -13/13hc (world 220)
    Tier 12 - 10/25man - 7/7hc (world 144)
    Tier 13 - 10/25man - 8/8hc (world 91)
    Tier 14 - 10man - 6/6hc - 4/6 hc - Quit raiding

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    I posted the following in another thread, it should help you actually factually decide whether its good for you or not:
    You can easily sim yourself for P3 in SimC and Rawr, and in Rawr you can even set the time spent under 35% HP (0.95 or similar) to see how good sorrowsong (or any other trinket is for you.

    In Rawr:
    - Options tab
    - Fight subtab
    - Change fight length to 90 seconds
    - Change Molten Fury range duration ( < 35% HP) to 0.95
    - Check your trinket list and stat priority as normal

    In SimC:
    - Options tab
    - Set your fight length to 100 seconds (the lowest option)
    - Sim as normal
    - Check stat priorities

    If you look afterwards in both tools, your personal stat priority will probably change drastically to what you normally expect for a 10 minute fight, where mastery shines. Since you are basically burning through your mana bar twice, and you want to hit as hard and fast during your sorrowsong procs as possible, haste (until 1768 rating) and crit will trump mastery for P3, at least for me. Take a look for your character yourself.

    Something to add, if you have a rogue and a disc priest, have them send you tricks and power infusion when starting your second burn after evo. You'll remain at higher mana thanks to infusion.

    Using all these tricks I've managed to hit 44k some P3 attempts, without SoW or DTR. Some attempts, much less too . And we still haven't killed him yet... But, regardless a couple examples:
    (The ranges displayed are at the time warp activation and adding ~90 seconds on the graph, then setting the page to the selection)
    Note: We've killed him since I posted that, and I can tell you that having our casters w/ sorrowsong def helped us with the P3 push, since we were struggling before.

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    Oh good..maybe split up raid with some sorrowsongs then

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    28 kills and counting. Did see it drop once but lost the roll. I was probably at 5 kills before I started farming for rag.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dnlEHEH View Post
    You really don't need to anymore. Especially not in 10man where it's really easy to push one meteor.


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    Regardless of overall dps, if your pushing 1 meteor in 25man Sorrowsong is worth using, if your using a 2 meteor strategy its not worth using Always Recruiting Exceptional Players! 8/8hc

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