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    Spine of Deathwing, is there enough adds with enough hp to make fire the optimal spec


    There's a lot of adds, they have a lot of hp (they won't be obliterated by some hellfire+multishot combo before we can even start building up a combustion). It's quite obvious that arcane will be forced into AE'ing the shit out of everything (unless it's time to single-target burn the armor-fixing-dude), but I'm rather confused about this fight anyway.

    Your thoughts?

    Dear mods, feel free to rename/edit this thread if we might want to have a 'optimal spec for each encounter' thread.
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    I really don't see the need. Our main concern is three fold:

    1) Get the Amalgamation you want to explode down to about 5-10%, while the tank kills the oozes. if your the tank needs help, switch to the oozes. You really don't want the add to go supernova when it's still at half health. The other Amalgamation can be off-tanked. If you want you can remove them after each supernova with a barrel roll (oozes stay).
    2) Kill 3 of the 4 initial tentacles and damage the 4th one when it grips a player.
    3) Burn the living hell out of the tendral that is trying to pry the armor back. If anything Arcane will be the spec of choice for that fight given the need for burst dps. As it stands you have 20 seconds to burn through as much of the 2.9 Million health on 10-man.
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    I don't see the point. What we did was kill 3 tentacles, do a barrel roll, and then you just have one of the big adds up, and the slimes have too low hp to be worth spreading to. And any kind of tank aoe or multishot or whatever will kill them before you can spread any meaningful dots to them. Combined with the burn phase you need to do when the big add explodes (Forgot name) to make sure armor doesn't come back, I'd say arcane will be better.

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    If you do the strat the way we did you only have one big add a a slime spawning every so often. Arcane was definitely the better choice for on demand burst and not much movement. Basically if you have a lot of the Amalgamation's up you're doing it wrong.
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    Spine of Deathwing? Probably not. Madness of Deathwing? Probably yes.

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    obv arc>fire in this fight since it requires alot of short bursts.

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