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    Synapse Strings or MWC

    When starting my burn phases, would it be better to use Moonwell Challice or Synapse Strings first since they cannot both be used at the same time. At first I thought MWC would be better since at the start of your burn phase you will be at full mana, thus gaining more benefit from mastery. However, Synapse Springs, if used just before mana gem, gives an extra 160SP (from the Improved Mana Gem talent) on top of the 480 int; since it only lasts 10 seconds you should be able to get a good amount of benefit out of MWC if used immediantly afterwards aswell.

    If you were to use Synapse Springs first, would it be better to save MWC for the conserve phase when you can make more use of the mastery?

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    All I could find about this. Still wondering about it myself tbh...
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    Moonwell Chalice is better but its marginal

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