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    Recommend bukkit plugins!

    Hi, I want to set up a bukkit server for me and my friends. Right now I have mo creatures. I'm mostly looking for rpg plugins that adds npc and trading (like millenaire).

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    Pretty basic ones:

    Backup - obvious one. Dunno how maintained it is currently, but some kind of backup plugin should be used as one crash can likely screw up your whole map.

    Permissions Plugin, e.g. PermissionsEx (PEX) - The setup is quite difficult, but at least PEX is well documented. All in all, you will not be able to dodge this mess, as the OP system is way too shallow and not supported by all plugins and Bukkit only provides an API

    PerformanceTweaks - Increases performance on servers by improving MC coding

    Essentials - Gives you a broad set of commands akin to SinglePlayerCommands

    As always: read the respective documentation before asking about any of these.
    Though I dunno much about RPG plugins, one idea comes to mind:

    Citizens - allows you to spawn NPCs and give them jobs like wizard (teleporter), trader, blacksmith (repairs your stuff) and so on.

    Click me for a list of Bukkit related plugins.

    Keep in mind, the Bukkit staff will not release any kind of build for the pre-release. The reason for that can be read on their page.
    If you play with friends and are certain, they will not screw with you, you do not need to put much work into the permissions. However, if you are uncertain, be sure to make it properly.
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    Thanks! I will play around with some plugins and hopefully the server will be really fun

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    WorldEdit + Client Addon

    These are the basic ones I use on my own server

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