I am Undead currently and we all know WotF isn't as good as it once was, but WotF removes any Charm, Fear or sleep effect on the character and shares a 30 second CD with Medallions. Cannibalize can be used in situations when you don't have a healer and you have a body to eat. Then Undead have Shadow Resistance.

Blood Elf have Arcane Torrent, which we know is an AoE silence and restores 6% of your mana. They also have Arcane Resistance.

Trolls have their Haste CD

Orcs have their SP Cd and + Pet damage for Frost Spec.

Goblins have 1% haste and their Rocket gloves/boots

Which do you think offers the best for Racials when it comes to PvP for Horde?

To me it looks like it would be either Orcs or Blood Elves because Orcs have the SP Cooldown, which we all know on demand SP for PvP is awesome, and also the +5% damage for pets is pretty nice for our Water Elemental, 5% is 5%. Then we have Blood Elves 2 min CD to restore 6% mana and AoE Silence for 2 seconds. Out of these two I find the best. What are your opinions?