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    I'm a bit surprised so many people suggest to tanks to get HP.

    To me it's obvious that 999k HP that goes to half in a second is useless. I need avoidance or flat reduction.

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    not sure who your talking to, but they obviously havent got a clue.
    Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries.

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    If anyone suggest stacking HP put them on ignore

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    Wasn't there a certain point for warriors where stamina proved to be better than mastery/dodge/parry though? Unless you're talking about specific cases, avoidance>stamina indeed.

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    If you manage to lose 499500 hp in a second, you're not doing it right, just saying. But yeah, HP stacking is bad.

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    Let´s say it this way if a hit would get a tank from 999k HP with no avoidance to half his life, a tank with half the life but 50% avoidance would have a 50% chance to get oneshoted. So HP is a way to even out dmg nevermind the fact that there are also lots of magic dmg wich cannot be avoided ore reduced by tank stats .

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    The WotLK model is dead. Long may it rest in hell.

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    Well, it depends on your class. There is definitely no point to ever stack stamina as a paladin or warrior.
    However most DKs and bears still do, and its reasonable due to their mechanics. I.e. DKs' self-heal is a % of their total health etc.
    So its not black and white.

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    Not sure why this is in the priest forums.... so closerino.

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