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    Ban people for being "hacked".

    Hi! You have won free mount! Plz log the safety net at wowblizzwowowbattlenet.net. If you do not administrator will close your account! Final warning.

    Quite simply, if you are the sort of person to fall for the above scam you should be banned from playing WoW. Blizzard consistently state how goldsellers are fleecing people through hacking their accounts. Frankly, I have no sympathy for anybody who loses their account. According to the post on the main page "Your friend, guild mate, or family member who had their account hacked was specifically targeted for their gold". Strangely enough, none of my friends, family or guild members have had their accounts hacked, perhaps that's because I chose my company wisely?

    People only get hacked because they do something stupid, like "logging the safety net" because Blizzardxzx whispers them and tells them to. Or they get a silly email telling them to go type in their password somewhere, despite Blizzard consistently telling them "WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD". Authenticators are cheap for people who lack common sense to avoid such traps, so how come it keeps happening? Surely there are only a finite amount of idiots in the game to be hacked?

    Blizzard must spend so many man hours restoring lost accounts for people too dumb to keep their account secure. Meanwhile wait times for GM tickets continue to go up. We have spambots flooding chat channels with their gibberish. And for what? For them to lose it again the next time somebody whispers them? Because they're too lazy/incompetent/ignorant to check their systems for viruses and keyloggers, or (*gasp*) perhaps avoid getting a virus/keylogger at all?

    People heap blame on gold sellers, I don't. Why should we villify people for trying to make money? I blame the people losing their accounts, taking up GM time and making the game a little worse for all of us. So in future I genuinely hope Blizzard turn around and say "no" when people go asking for their accounts back. Perhaps it'll teach the others to be a little more careful.

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    Ban idiots? I dont think blizz wants to be left out with 10,000 subscribers.

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    Blizzard would lose to many subs then sadly.

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    Clearly you haven't lived long enough to realize that stupidity is the rule, not the exception.

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    OP your arrogance is stunning.

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    There is a reason why they keep doing it. It works.

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    Please don't make unnecessarily inflammatory threads.


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