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    which gtx 580 u guys think is better

    need some advise on which one would be better,

    going with a $1500 build using one of these cards




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    I'd go with the twin frozr personally, but they're both great cards.
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    I prefer the Twin Frozr cooler, although personally I am a fan of http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814127579
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    well, the twin frozr II has better "stock" clocks on it than asus. also is only 2 slots. whereas asus uses 3 expansion slots

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    Twin Frozr is the best cooler out there.

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    DCII and twin frozr II are extremely comparable. The DCII is a 3-slot card and is more difficult to SLi in the future.

    Twin Frozr II gets my vote.

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    i'd go with the MSI, love MSI products.

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    Since you aren't counting pennies with the build, 3GB model of MSI Lightning is the best single GPU card available today.

    Standard 1.5GB model costs about the same as the two other cards you were looking at and would be better than either of the two if you want to overclock hard. Top spots of graphics card OC list are done with that one.
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    I would go with MSI because I have had an amazing customer service experience with them. As far as the cooling goes, they are about the same so it doesn't really matter which one you pick out.
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    I just got two GTX 560s and put them in sli. They run better than a single 580, were the same price, and will be able to handle any game on ultimate at high fps up until the 600 series come out without problem. With the 600 series not too far away, I'd suggest putting two 560s in sli, and upgrading to the 600 series when upgrades are needed rather than buying a 580 and putting more in sli down the road (if that was your plan).
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    Invsting into SLI of low end cards is bad idea for many reasons, here's a quick list of few major ones:

    1) SLI needs driver support for games, sometimes you might have to wait for weeks/months or fight with buggy drivers.

    2) Microstuttering is worse on low end cards compared to high end cards, making SLI/Crossfire issues more visible.

    3) Upgrading from 2x low end cards requires ditching those as the resale value is pretty close to zero. Upgrading from single high end card just requires buying another and the prices will be much lower in few years when it's generation or two behind from top end. Other upgrade option would be selling the single card and buying another high end card of latest generation to replace it.

    4) SLI needs bigger PSU, more expensive motherboard and better case airflow.

    OP should rather take single GTX570 + 120GB SSD if there is no SSD yet in the shopping list, as the GTX580 is pretty bad in value for money ratio being only 15% faster but 50% more expensive.
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