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    So i just started leveling my priest alt again was just wondering what the main healing spells i need to use are and what glyphs ect, also if you have any info on how to play a shadow priest that would be superb too. Ty in advance
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    Generally speaking, "Heal" is your go-to heal if the tank isn't low/ taking big damage, as it's a low heal, low mana spell. Use it as filler as well, when you aren't doing anything else. "Greater Heal" when you need to bring the tank up, and "Flash Heal" when you won't have enough time to have Greater Heal hit the tank. Use Prayer of Healing as your AoE heal, glyphed, as well as Circle of Healing, for AoE healing. I'd recommend being in the Chalkra State "Serenity" so you can have 100% uptime on Renew on your tank. Also, Inner Fire will basically always outweigh Inner Will when you get it later. Hope that helps!

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