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    Edit: I'm Holy btw!

    What the hell am I meant to use without going back to tier 11 heroics?

    Right now I'm running 391 Jaws + Tsunami, and I'm not even that sold on the Jaws since you get 75% the intended effect with your instant cast spells and it was lack luster on paper to begin with. Eye of Blazing power? I can't imagine dropping 400 static spirit like that. Rep trinket? It's worse on paper in every way than Tsunami.

    So what are you guys running? Or am I stuck with Tsunami until tier 13 if I don't go back to tier 11?
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    Double static INT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wablakin View Post
    Double static INT.
    This. Even if it has a dps proc on it and is probably useless for you, int is king for disc.
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    I'm using the Eye of Blazing Power and Tsunami (Fall of Mortality always went to heals instead of me, heal OS) as holy. It varies by person. If you are in a lot of heroic FL gear, you can probably stand to lose the spirit and not really notice much difference. I've been swapping in more and more of my shadow gear to my holy set, because I just don't need as much spirit with the high intellect values I have now. It's also fight specific. I'd keep a mana regen trinket for HM Beth and of course Rag, but not for HM Alys or Shannox. Trinkets vary by play style and group composition. Are you running 10 or 25 man? Are you 6/7HM or still working through heroic modes to Ragnaros? Try running without Tsunami, if you have mana problems, then you should stick with a regen trinket.
    If you can get your hands on heroic Fall of Mortality, definitely do it. Jaws is quite a bit better for Disc than Holy from my experience. The rep trinket is ok if you pop it with fiend, HoH and any other int bonuses you can. It will give you quite a bit of regen using it that way. It all comes down to what you need for a given fight. The more options you have, the better you can tailor to the damage output you are seeing.

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