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    hmmm... wands are now a main hand weapons.... interesting.I don't think it is enough to make me play more though...

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    I will buy this expansion just for the Monk class. oh snap! I am going to buy it! Curse you Blizz!!

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    Demonic Power!!!

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    I subscribe to the idea of "Wait and See". We're barely a few hours in and people are already predicting the doom of all things.

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    I wonder if they will change the pandaran monk pet. Sure thing, I really hope it won't make those annoying noises.

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    Talents There is not talent points or ranks. There is one talent pree per class. You earn talents every 15 levels. You get to choose 1 out of 3 every time you get a new point, you can only pick one of them and can't go back to get the other ones. There will be no mandatory talent. There won't be any cookie cutter build or anything, it will depend on what kind of optional ability you want. You can now change talents as easily as you change glyphs.
    It's about time; they should have done this 6 years ago. The talent system was always a pointless headache, devoid of any real choices.

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    Good god, I've never been more excited. The sheer amount of end game features and stunning visuals, looks incredible.

    Haters will hate, but I doubt most of them are watching the stream, the videos guys... god damn.
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    This is great for people who love Pokémon!

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    A FOURTH DRUID SPEC JUST FOR TANKING!!! Wow.... (pictures the incoming flood of Druids...)

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    Not really a fan of another giant change to the talent trees! We'll be having to learn or toons again for the 4th or 5th time! I am actually quite surprised they over hauled them again being that GC just wrote 2 blogs about changing shit too frequently!The new talent tree setup seem more like Call of Duty perks than talents now but I guess we'll see how it works out!

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    Hunter minimum range is gone! Hunter melee weapon is gone! Ranged slot for all other characters are gone. Relics are gone. Rogues and warriors can now throw their melee weapon Wands become main hand weapons
    Great, even less choice in gear. And melee weapons gone for hunters? Better not go live with that... I like my melee weapon(s). I'm sure transmoggers who just got some nice weapons won't be too pleased either.

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    "No flight mount until max lvl".... How long it will be first month?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post

    World of Warcraft - Mists of Pandaria Preview Panel

    This post is being updated constantly, check back regularly

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Pandaren starting zone
    It's a turtle! It left Pandaria 10 000 years ago and never came back. Pandarens who wanted to discover the world left on that turtle.
    does anyone finds this familiar from somewhere? seems like blizzard is losing originality...

    *spoiler inc*

    Stargate Atlantis =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphie View Post
    Oh lordie, lord. This aint looking good.Of course they want to lock you in on a 1 year sub now that they still have the chance!
    Exactly! That's not something I would ever have expected from Blizzard 10 - or even 5 - years ago. The free D3/mount/etc. just shows how desperate they are to sleaze a year's worth of sub fees out of customers upfront, and then be able to claim a certain number of subs for a full year's worth of earnings reports.

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    I think it will be very cool the pet system seems rather interesting and yes yes one could make the arugment that oh my gosh its catering to kids, its like pokemon blah blah blah. So what? Nothing wrong with being a kid at heart and i think if your not amused sometimes by shiney new things then you just have lost the excitement in your life. I think anything that adds new content to the game is good as long as its interesting and the landscapes seem nice and the new features seem cool. I LOVE the idea of PVE content where you dont have to wait in long lines for the right "class'. I hope down the road they will open this up more too. I think it will be a fun addon and maybe after the breaking of the world we need something a bit more peaceful. I am sure they will be an end boss and a host of cool baddies to fight and i think people need to just be happy and not worry so much!

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    Honestly, the hate... and all the Im gonna quit... lets see hmm...

    TBC ? Yupp, they were there.

    WoTLK... yupp same..

    Cata, oh boy... YES!

    People will hate on anything blizzard does for the sole purpose of it being blizzard.

    I dont get it, dont like it? Leave, or dont use the features... The rest of us will be having FUN, you know... what games are supposed to be!?

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    Pet thing is a huge fuckin turnoff for me. Not a fan of Pokemon and never even considered rolling a hunter. If the average age wasn't low enough already this xpac should drop it to a solid 9-10 age range. All my opinion of course and yes, I'm sure you give a rats ass about me a qq'er wah wah

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    Hahahahahahahahah ! This must be a joke !?!! No ? OMG ! How can they be that stupid to even remotely think I will buy such a heap of crap ?

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    soo much epic in that section so glad i bought the vertial ticket now

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    I see Zandalari island on top of thePandaria layout! =D We may have some troll stuff in future content after all =D after all, lets face it, it's never been a expansion without atleast 1 troll dungeon^^

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