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    Omgf... Can't wait to try that "Pet Battle" system. *_*

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    All i heard was 'scholomance'.YESSS, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

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    "Look at the little kids, collecting all their pokey mans critters, pfft, how childish, how kid like. Wasting their time, collecting all that useless junk, pfft. They need to get into a raid, get some primo gear, like us adults, get some purples yeah! Stupid kids and their stupid collections, pfft."

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    Can't wait to play World of Pokecraft!

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    lol @ ppl reaction ..

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    Im liking a lot of things so far, the heroic mode scarlet monastery, scholomance, the new monk class, but the new race I hate completely, by far the dumbest race in the game, till now ive welcomed all races.

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    That Valley of Power battleground has RIFT written all over it

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    Imprisoned for 10.000 years.Where his blood spills, nothing will grow for 10.000 years.And now a turtle that left for 10.000 years.I'm too old for this kiddie shit. WoW is like Lego now, ages 3 - 12.

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    There was a giant turtle island on avatar the last airbender book 3^^

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    The SWTOR comments are hilarious in that it's gonna have very little content and no sandbox feel so there will be nothing. So far Mists of Pandaria seems to just be adding different types of content for all the different types of players. Sorry that it's not PVE raid only content. I'm for one glad that content is being diversified, though the idea is great the execution is what really matters so will have to see on that count. I mean ingame pokemon nice touch, might not be your thing but pokemon has a huge following and it's a simple combat system etc so not too much development time for extra entertainment. A potential fixed talent system that blizzard still hasn't gotten right, if anything the original system was better then current one atleast was when only went to 60 so didn't have so many points to deal with.
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    Blizzard - Please Read This You are obviously not going to please everyone, but I hope to have some back up on this one. Please change the artwork for the Male Pandaren. Every other character has a somewhat sleek muscular fantasy build which fits a *Fantasy* game well. I'm not sure why the Panda has to have a giant wobbling belly? I have seen so many posts/blogs with possible Panda-esque characters which look completely bad ass. Lose the belly, make them more conducive to a monk (although they can play other classes). It has been said before multiple times in this and so many other threads, this is just TOO similar to Kung Foo Panda. Yes we currently have Tauren Priests, Gnome Warriors (still baffles me) and countless other silly and ridiculous aspects in this game as started a few years ago and we understand that the future of a game like this relies on the expansions and ability to do something *different*. Change the artwork, change the model completely, make it a bit more intimidating. It doesn't have to look like a night elf with fur, but the giant fat belly and idea that this giant bear can move quickly with a martial arts based skill set just doesn't *look* right. I play this game for vanity and that's what keeps it fun for me =) Just my .02 gang thanks for reading.

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    I bet I'm not the first, but...GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!

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    Wow they weren't kidding about getting rid of talent trees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibbi View Post
    Have fun with your empty MMO with nothing but dogfight style combat.
    Remember the first 600,000 subscribers that left WoW?

    They pre-ordered SWTOR.

    Dogfight style combat? What did you do, watch the first 10 seconds of a trailer and assume it's the entire game?

    Have fun in your empty WoW MMO, with Pokemon style combat.

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    I really look forward to most of the stuff they came up with, unlike cata which was mostly old wine in new bottles i really think they can make a difference here, also many things seem copied from other games, but whats the matter here... capture the flag was well copied from ego shooters, no body cried there...
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    In my opinion they are going way overboard with changes to the game. It's like a totally different game to begin with. Even more so than in any of the other expansions before. I can't comment on if the changes will be good or bad at this point in time, but too much change scares people. That's something to think about. Also, way too much copying from other games for my taste. I'm not so sure if I will buy this xpac, even if I'm really eager to play a Pandaren Monk and explore Pandaria.

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    "Hunter melee weapon is gone!" YES! OH MY GAWD! Thank the stars, moon, and every other Druid celestial thingy out there. Today is a glorious day!

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    [email protected] the QQ

    i think this expansion and all these changes look fantastic. you people do realize that the pet battle system isn't a required feature right...? you can partake in aspects that you want to partake in.

    so many morons claiming the game has turned "kiddie" are probably autistic. the game has been kiddie since release. look at the graphics, gnomes, etc. etc.

    you people need to wake up, this is all shit that's been necessary since day 1. talents and glyphs are bad because there are MUST-HAVE talents. they're fucking boring as is. why wouldn't i take +5% damage to my main dps spell? making it this way provides actual choice in your playstyle. as many have said, it's the execution that counts, but they're on the right track

    and for those saying that RIFT/GW2 pioneered the PvE scenarios, you people are misinformed. there was this game called Warhammer: Age of Reckoning that had PvE scenarios in the form of Public Quests.

    i've played a lot of mmos in my day and i've played on and off since release as a hardcore raider. i have NEVER, EVER, been interested in any content outside of raiding in all my time playing this game. i already see several things just from this first day of information that i can definitely see myself doing.

    as far as the diablo 3 free for a year long subscription, you people realize you don't HAVE to take advantage of htis offer, right? it's not like you can't have d3 unless you get a year long subscription. you people need to remove your tin foil hats. let me break it down for you:

    get your year subscription if it's going to save you money in the long run. it's a simple calculation. if you don't know if you will be playing MoP 3 months after the release, then DON'T GET THIS, BECAUSE IT WON'T SAVE YOU MONEY. holy fuck, how hard is it? for those of us who know we will be utilizing our 12 month subscription to the fullest extent thereof, this is basically diablo 3 for free. getting d3 for free is not an incentive to buy a 12 mo subscription if you don't plan on USING that subscription, unless you are a complete fucking retard and you can't do simple math. the only people getting suckered by this offer are the people who deserve it, because they are dumb.

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    1. You know about 10% of what this expansion will offer you and you`re already complaining--- wow2. Pet fight system s ridicules?--- everybody here knows that all of you will spend hours and hourse of leveling your 150 pets to the cap, why? 'cause you have the time.3. 95% of the QQs here will buy this game and LOVE it so come back to reality.

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    I'm glad I unsubbed during Cataclysm. I REALLY wanted to Blizz pick up the ball again, but not only did they fumble it, but then they passed it directly to EA. I'm not talking about the Pandas ... I LIKE pandas ... but the new WoW Pokemon? What passes as a talent system? No Ranged slots anymore? Warriors and rogues throwing their melee weapons? No hunters melee weapons? Wands main weapons for casters (what happens to their staff)?

    Is this what it's come to? WoW is now trying to be Free Realms?

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