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    Warlock stuff looks ballin, pvp battles grounds look unique now the whiners can shut up. Quests that buff you to allows you to roll on stuff / day long buff stats sounds fun. All the whining aside on the WoW forums (lol) this xpack look pretty nice.

    edit: We don't even know what VP will give this xpack, tier might be raid only like in Dragon Soul and past expansions, and the only thing VP will give is stuff to help you with raiding.

    Also haters be hatin'
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    Did Blizzard employees said about eta fot release MoP ???
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    So with this combat-pet system, theyre basically adding pokemon to the game?

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    Allow achievements to be shared among all characters on the same account, things such as the raid achievements and the ones which are difficult to get. How is this buried? This is the most amazing thing ever. After 7 years of a shaman main, the last 3 of which I've literally died a little inside every time I've logged my toon I may be able to finally ditch it without losing 7 years of acumulated everything. Man this would be perfect if I could share all the achievement mounts/collected misc other stuff as well.

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    Tol'vir Proving Grounds seems like an Arena they should have released in Cataclysm but they were late to implement it befeore a new expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amielle View Post
    LOL I love it. Blizzard does something unique like this xpac, everyone bitches. If they kept going the way they have been with the WotLK and Cata, people would hate on them for not being different. They can't win! I'm going back to WoW for this expansion because it finally looks FUN. I was tired of the same "dark" storyline, the same mechanics, the same everything. Thank you Blizzard, this xpac looks like it's worth the money.
    This. Blizzard is finally going inventive, after the dull and repetitive cataclysm where they lost alot of subscribers. Last time blizzard went inventive was with TBC.
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    I think it is very clear where they are going with this. Blizzard is turning WoW into an entry-level MMO. They simplify everything that was a hurdle to get into the game: talent trees, Choosing skills, instances, groups. They understand that, at this time, there is no way they will keep the hardcore players, the players that are looking for the greater pvp and raid experience from mving to GW2 and SWTOR. They have now made it so that an 8 year old can play the game well enough.

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    Im w8ing for 95 expansion .. Maybe shrek and his donkey as new race .... This is not world of warcraft ... It's World of Cartoons . Nice job .. panda .. LOL nothing in wow is about panda . Inner peace maybe ? Maybe that ability can reflect frost or fire or shadow bolts Who knows . FAIL expansion EVER .

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    And why Shadowstep and Prep are in same line ?? LOL

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    Welcome to world of Animations ... We will have SHrek and his donkey in 95 Expansion !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalendil View Post
    So with this combat-pet system, theyre basically adding pokemon to the game?
    RPGs as far back as Chronotrigger, one of the best RPGs ever created had 'pokemon' style battles. They were a fun side thing to do, something WoW is sorely lacking in Cata.

    An MMO should not feel like a hemmed in, part time job.

    Welcome to world of Animations ... We will have SHrek and his donkey in 95 Expansion !!
    Fairly certain Warcraft had Pandaren before their was Kung-Fu Panda maybe even before we had a Beverly Hills Ninja as well.
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    Just ridiculous. If I were 13 again, I prolly would like this expansion.

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    Love everything of it. So excited. But yeah, haters gonna hate and hopefully leave, this time for real. I'm going to enjoy this game with the people who deserves it.

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    For you all who are quiting wow i have just a few last words for you.

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    Talents look awesome. Pandaria looks awesome. Monk looks awesome. Pandarens look awesome. Gief now!

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    i love how they took 1 hour to explain the new pet system when they could've just said "we basically copied Pokemon.... and... that's about it"

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    I want to know how they're going to use the Alliance Vs Horde story.

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    Companion Pet fights = Pokemon. Gotta catch em all. I'm so glad TOR comes out on 12/20. I couldn't stomach leveling through this stupid expansion. Really? Split faction races? Pokemon? Valor points for completing quests? At least they're getting rid of min range for hunters. Wow. Blizz is making everything stupid friendly nowadays.

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    I don't know if some1 has asked this before , but will we get an additional character slot per server. Would suck to start a new server just to be able to play Monk. Even more it would suck to delete an old toon.

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    I don't like anything that's asian inspired at all, i think it's just a suck up for asia because they could finally get WOTLK too, but Asia is a big market, so i understand them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azzer24 View Post
    I don't like anything that's asian inspired at all, i think it's just a suck up for asia because they could finally get WOTLK too, but Asia is a big market, so i understand them.
    money wise asia is a very small part of their market. Most of their money comes from EU/US. Ignoring those to please china is really stupid. The poll shows that 75% of people are ok with pandas and others just complain about things they haven't seen yet. At this point you can only say I don't like the theme or the new race as anything else is yet to be seen.
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