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    The builds are still too cookie cutter? Won't they always be? There will always be that main build that does better and maybe has 1-2 variants that change something that barely matters.

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    I'm pumped for this expansion, seems like they are giving players more of a choice with this one. Haters are gonna hate, simple as that. This sounds like it's turning out to be a great panda filled expansion which more people should be pumped for... and I mean, everyone is saying "omg dood swotor's numbers are growing" orrr not? Go panda's, go swotor, keep it cut n dry. thanks.

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    With only 5 new leveling zones, I fear this will be like Cataclysm. 2 zones 85-87, 1 zone for 88, one zone for 89, and one zone for 90. Then they will have a pvp zone like Wintergrasp/Tol Barad. I don't have high hopes for this expansion, especially since they will be changing the classes so damn much again. 4 expansions, 4 new paladin classes that you have to relearn how to play.

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    "Single, unified continent" = Yes!
    "5 leveling zones" = Noooo, why??
    One of the main problem (for me) with Cata was the lack of leveling content, I'm so disappointed.
    MOP looks decent otherwise so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soapie View Post
    So....are they just getting rid of raiding, or what?
    Not necessarily. No central villain does not necessary preclude raiding. It just redefines what it is we're raiding, why we're raiding, etc. Instead of steadily progressing through the enemy's lieutenants, we might end up doing more "war against the opposing faction" style stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Guns View Post
    Daily quest give VP = LOLO0L0L0L0L0OL0OL0OL
    Probably going to be like... 1 valor a quest. 25 dalies, 7 days, 175 valor. not a terrible lot.

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    Unhappy Only 5 new zones?

    "Single, unified continent" =
    "5 leveling zones" =

    One of the main problem (for me) with Cata was the lack of leveling content, I'm so disappointed.
    MOP looks decent otherwise so far.

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    I look forward to playing as a panda!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunkman View Post
    I mean, seriously, VP for daily quests? I really don't understand, what do people who aren't even going to run 5-mans need epic gear for anyway?
    transmogrification maybe? /=P
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    so the tallent trees WERE to cookie cutter after all blizz?...didn't we say that when you introduced the new and improved tree for cata? cause i'm prety sure we did and it was ignored, VP for dailys? really? and a central quest hub with ah and bank...thought they were dead set against another area like that?

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    Character builds are going to be entirely revamped. Talents were still too cookie cutter, so the developers want to give players more choices in their talents.


    I'am sure they reduced the number of talents with cata because there was too much talents. They don't know what to do whith WoW anymore...

    Revamped talent trees does that mean they will try to balance classes but failling at again?

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    This is why I am going to play Guild Wars 2...Why would I want to play a stupid panda? And, I do think the Monk class is cool...Ill give them that..and Pandaria looks cool..but I really don't want to level my 85's to 90...I was hoping they wouldn't raise the level cap...Kinda disappointing, but Id like to see some of the gameplay of the pandarans.

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    Valor for dailies. Oh boy.

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    evil bunnies = sold!

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    I'm stuck at work and I couldn't resist spoiling myself.. >_<

    And now I feel like a kid in a candy store who is afraid that it might be April Fools (I've been waiting for Pandaren as a playable race since WoW beta, so you can understand my skepticism...)

    Since I'm at work I can't watch Virtual Blizzcon at home until an hour, so I'd like to know the most important thing:

    What classes can Pandaren be, or are they limited to ONLY being Monks?

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    Is there a re-stream somewhere of the original stream (which has to be paid I suppose?)?

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    Taken from the play area for the new expansion at BlizzCon.

    Classes: Monk, Mage, Rogue, Priest, Hunter, Warrior
    Monk Armor: Leather
    Monk Weapon: Staves - Melee

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    I think its safe to say that this is no longer the world of warcraft. The world of weeaboos have now taken over.

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    I have no opinion on the expac, I just want updated character models for Vanilla-BC and updated texture/fixes for all old content. Plus stags as speed form for druids instead of cheetahs, since that's the lore (and icon)./picky

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    I find it rather odd that Cataclysm was supposed to have re-invented WoW.. and they appear to be reinventing WoW again.. new talent trees? really?Any bets that the talent changes will be a similar system to Rift? I sense a lot of the 'features' in this xpac will be direct responses to other MMOs. I dunno.. this whole 'no bad guy' approach.. not sure it will work. We'll see. Perhaps they've realised the bad guy was only ever seen by 5% of the player base and no one really cared about the lich king or deathwing for the majority of the expansion.I'm surprised they didn't drop any hints of another xpac to follow soon after this one. It's gotta be on the cards.

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