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    hopefully they can do something about the end content like they say they are going to. one can only hope

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    Valley of the Four Winds?? OMG! WE ALREADY HAVE THRONE OF THE FOUR WINDS! BLIZZ FAIL LAWL I QUIT! PANDAS! ZOMG. But, no, hopefully the new talent systems will be cool. Looking for more stuff to do at end game other than Raid, raid, raid, and raid.

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    Doesnt this mean pandas become the best race to play for pve maxing. I mean it doubles the food buff.With current foods that 90+ for any stats.

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    [quote] Leather Armor (Agility or Intellect) [/quote It was expected... but still. Damn it,, more competition on gear for rogues T_T. It will be a very bad time to be a rogue in dungeons, because there will be 3 pandaren in every group.. T_T

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    PLEASE! Someone that actually uses twitter ask one of the announcers if they're going to add more character slots for us altoholics that have 10 85s already! Thanks in advanced, don't really want to create an account literately to ask one question...

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    From the monk page: Roll - 50 chi. So looks like their energy.

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    No auto attack! Devs want you to have this street fighter feel where you punch a lot. This sounds like that they did for swtor, would be nice to have autoattack gone for all classes =D

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    I can tell right now that my boyfriend is going to be all over this class. I hope to the great gods above that they let us have 11 toons on one server, as I'd really like to level my monk with his.

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    Please please please tell me they are adding more char slots!I have all 10 slots filled with one of every class I would hate to have to make a lone char on a new server :-(

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    alrdy most op racials in game,both pve and pvp and leveling?I predict monk class will be horribly op =p

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    The Dailies giving VP is an example of CHOICE in how we earn it. I agree that someone who never PvEs in groups does not need VP, for they do not need the gear. But what if I'm bored of spamming 5 mans that day, but still need 50 VP? This happened to me yesterday, and I had to tank another whole instance just for that. I appreciate being given the choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k1037 View Post
    And before people jump on this with the usual lame "OMG IZ NOT DONE" line, the beta for this has to start in about 2-3 months if they are going to meet their Q2 target release. They only have time to add polish, not huge chunks of new content. This is, basically, all you're going to get.
    Thinking straight is not lame. And aside from that, we are only seeing the first tid-bits of info here. More will be revealed in the coming days/weeks/months. We have no idea yet, what we are going to get. Or when. Better don't bet any money on Q2.
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    I am so glad i cancelled my sub! WoW has literally become a cartoon for kids.

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    No flying till max level? A new class/race that can do everything? Failure to the maximum degree.

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    Can I just say I called all these forever ago. i wonder if the GMs were watching guild chat that day or this is just a completely obvious path to take.Needless to say, if monk plays out well (still curious how weapons will work for them, stat sticks with lots of punchy punchy?) then I know what might make me come back to the game at some point since ToR is looking less appetizing like it did initially.Only thing is, new server, probably with a friend, super-casual guild. I couldn't stand the constant time-management it took to raid, especially when they lost their luster for me. This new PuG system may alleviate that though with Raid finder. Might not be the first to kill something but who gives a damn, I play game to enjoy myself and stressing that much was never fun.

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    I don't know what's more insulting, the fact that they took an old joke and turned it into an expansion, or the fact that they're dangling what I expect will be an amazing mount in our faces to get us to subscribe for a FULL YEAR.

    "Hey, we're about to release some really shitty content... BUT, if you commit to a year of putting up with it, we'll toss you an overused mount for your $200."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jshadow View Post
    No auto attack! Devs want you to have this street fighter feel where you punch a lot. This sounds like that they did for swtor, would be nice to have autoattack gone for all classes =D
    Haha , i also said the EXACT thing in my guild that would be nice. but could also be hard for classes like warriors. or make Heroic strike free of cost (and offcourse some other things that dont cost rage)

    So we be shashing our keyz rawr
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    I liked my talent tree. This new "talent tree 3.0" reeks of "we think you are too stupid to make decisions, so we make them for you". o_O No matter how they give out the "talents", there will always be a best and a worst choice, and people will make cookie cutter builds regardless of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlad Morbius View Post
    I am so glad i cancelled my sub! WoW has literally become a cartoon for kids.
    Newsflash! It already is. Who the fuck cares as long as it's fun?

    Murlocs and kobolds were SO, SO, SO edgy and mature, right?

    So were Goblins. This stuff man, so edgy and dark and mature.

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    I don't get why goblins and worgen should be denied access to the monk class. Seems like an arbitrary decision given that any race can be a death knight.

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