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    I love how so many people seem to think gw2 invented the medieval chinese theme...

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    The pet thing sounds hilarious. Seriously, WoW? lolllllllll. I think WoW is just getting old. There's no reason to feel this apathetic, yet I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    Ok so after reading a few posts...just...what the hell is wrong with you people. I'd understand if you weren't looking forward to it because you don't believe Blizzard can do all this (which they've proved they can't) but crying about the absolutely amazing features they ARE planning to provide? You guys are just being ridiculous at this point.
    Its blizzard may look good on paper but they always screw it up when they implement it. I lost faith in blizzard towards the end of BC...I gave them wotlk and cata to get their stuff straight...they have failed once again. Strike 3 and you're out

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    For all the people QQing about how bad this is, I highly suggest you watch South Park's "You're Getting Old" and the sequel "Assburgers." You might find that you're similar to Stan. For those that are lazy, what I'm saying is: Things can't stay the same forever. Fresh blood, "new" things must be introduced. Sure these ideas are from other games, but as my film teacher once said, "If you're going to steal/copy someone's idea, make sure it's a good one." This game will never be the way it was in Vanilla, BC, Wrath, or even Cata. Blizz is trying to get people to change with the times and suck in those that are like my boyfriend and play xbox/playstation/non-mmos. The more they introduce the more I believe that this expansion will be their best yet.

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    Pokemon in the mighty have fallen. Guess there's no point in playing my hunter now, since anyone can go find, train, and battle with any stupid little pet they want. Soon as I kill DW, I'm cancelling my sub. This is beyond offensive to the age and intelligence of most current players.

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    Honestly, how much can you complain about the new talent system, especially the argument that "only six talents means no customization!!!" umm, how much customization does anyone make right now? Absolutely none. Everyone looks up the spec that they are supposed to use, and they use it. There is no reason to do anything else. If they are doing these new talent systems like I assume they are doing them, you are going to have to make a meaningful choice when you pick talents. That's what talents are all about, after all, not just there so that everyone plays exactly the same. Call me a fanboi but they are doing the exact things you are asking them to do, then you spit in their faces as usual.

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    If you don't like the expansion just quit with out griefing I honestly don't give a rats behind about your opinion. If all the people in the world acted the way most of you are we would have a World of Posers oh wait never mind. I'm okay with pandas what I am not okay with is bad gameplay now thats a reason to quit this game.

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    Talents were too cookie cutter, so we're just removing talents all together.

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    Oh lordie, lord. This aint looking good.Of course they want to lock you in on a 1 year sub now that they still have the chance!

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    I am not currently playing WoW because of real life bullshit, but I can honestly say this expansion really doesn't make me want to come back. There are good and bad things I see about it, but unless I somehow find a lot of free time, I see no WoW in my future.

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    why do people keep crying about "no new bosses" when they clearly said there will be new dungeons, raids and outdoor raids again? i know some of the comments may have been made before the post was updated, but there are very recent comments after the updates were made. also, clearly, things are being added. so why just assume and cry so soon? ive been playing since vanilla and i think this looks great. and im 30, not 8. not everyone can find a good guild to raid with, or has time to properly raid for all the best gear, or even wants to raid. this sounds like a lot of stuff that you can do by yourself (how a lot prefer to play) and still progress and get the better gear. i get the whole thing about the best being a reward for the hardest, but if you can raid 1 time, for 1 week and get lucky and get the highest ilvl axe, or you could do daily quest for 6 months and finally get that same axe, is the daily time spent really that much less reward-able? and who wants to bet that 90% of the ragequitters arent going to actually quit?

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    I wonder how hard the melee monks are going to hit, IF ALL their abilities are "yellow hits" - wow! I guess they energy based, so as long as it costs a lot of energy per ability I guess it will work...idk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andaja View Post
    Doesnt this mean pandas become the best race to play for pve maxing. I mean it doubles the food buff.With current foods that 90+ for any stats.
    ^^ This is my only concern. Automatic better stats as a pandaren by 100%? Seems off.

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    I look forward to reading more about the expansion as info comes in. Way too early to draw conclusions as of yet.

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    This expansion made me rather go Meh. Panda has been done to death, and now Blizzard steps up to bat to have a swing. By the time this expansion comes out, I will rather wait for FFXIV 2.0. scroll down till you see New Final Fantasy Outline and then scroll down to u see Graphics engine update. FFXIV will be the best looking MMO out to date. I currently play the game at times, and even though its still going through its entire rebuild, the gameplay is so much fun. 1 character learn every class possible, and mix abilites into the class you play mainly I am not an altoholic, so even getting to do every profession and gathering profession is a huge plus then what WoW allows me to do on 1 single character
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    Quote Originally Posted by CherryPie View Post
    World of Warcraft: Mists from the Rifts of The Old Republic of Guild Wars.
    Pretty much.
    Not an original idea announced so far...

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    The end of a great gaming franchise. Get to work on Titan, Blizz, we believeeeee in you guys

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    inb4 this is all one big joke

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    No more ranged weapons for anyone other than Hunters, wands become a main hand weapon for casters, Relics gone, Shaman buff totems gone, new talent system (NO MORE SEPARATE TREES)... Holy Complete Game Change, Batman!

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    The SWTOR comments are hilarious in that it's gonna have very little combat and no sandbox feel so there will be nothing. So far Mists of Pandaria seems to just be adding different types of content for all the different types of players. Sorry that it's not PVE raid only content. I'm for one glad that content is being diversified, though the idea is great the execution is what really matters so will have to see on that count. I mean ingame pokemon nice touch, might not be your thing but pokemon has a huge following and it's a simple combat system etc so not too much development time for extra entertainment. A potential fixed talent system that blizzard still hasn't gotten right, if anything the original system was better then current one atleast was when only went to 60 so didn't have so many points to deal with.

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