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    All of the 6 talents you use should be VERY usefull for the spec and the type of gameplay (PVP/PVE) This is not the case atm.

    Some of the entire tiers are totally and utterly worthless for certain specs. With only 6 awailable talents.... thats just horrendously bad design.

    IN PVE
    If you play a tank - every talent should improve you as a tank
    If you play healer - every talent shold improve you as a healer
    If you play DPS - every talent should improve you as dps

    These are the 3 basic roles that BLizzard THEMSELFS have created and they are creating a talent system that forces a healer to take tank talent ? Thats 1 of 6 talents point gone for noting. THAT IS POINTLESS talent.

    Some of the tiers are designed around PVP only and thats even more horrible.

    Really really bad. PPL will realise this the more they look at it.
    Ok I am sure other people have already commented on this post and I didn't get a chance to read through everything but I'll just make my own comment. Blizz clearly stated that these aren't the "only" talents. Each char will have abilities that are learned as we lvl up like hammer of the righteous for prot paladin or holy shock for holy paladin etc. The talent tree now doesn't act as a spec like it used to more of a utility tree so we can pick a talent out of our current spec like having ardent defender on a ret pala or shadow step for a assassination rogue. I think these new changes bring more of a choice to the game instead of just going a certain build up to the last talent point. I might prefer killing spree for pure dps but another rogue might prefer shadow step for pvp and we could both be combat rogues. (I don't play a rogue btw just giving it as an example)

    From the looks of the new talents it might seem like there are 3 choices for each tier and they each represent a spec but that's not the case. It really helps to read the whole post instead of just parts of it and it helps even more to do some research before massive qq. This goes to everybody bashing on the new changes. You don't have to like it but don't hate it because you don't understand it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Machomaije View Post
    I see EVERY class and every specc have BIG BIG improvements for PvP, besides Resto druids..... Well, now its clear to me, what i've thought since Cata came. BLIZZARD HATES RESTO DRUIDS for PvP.... This is just pathetic, we need some BIG improvement....
    Hmm I must be the worst pvp'er in the history of wow but I can still survive against 3-4 people beating on me like mad while wearing pve gear. I'd say resto druids are pretty powerful in pvp.

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    I have read through almost all of the 12 pages of comments at the time I finished reading. I can see a lot of people both complaining and liking the new changes. I would like to share my opinion a bit as well: 1: This is the most important fact : "Talents are not set in stone". At the moment MoP is basically a pre alpha stage. These talents are going to change many many times over. They will be way different than how they are now, with a very low chance of staying same if they work well. 2: I am personally liking the changes not only talent wise but we just learn our abilities while leveling up instead of visiting a trainer. 3: It's quite cool to be able to change our talents mid encounter instead of visiting a trainer 4: Dual spec still exists so we can be both healer/dps. But I personally would have loved to see a third spec availability, maybe at a huge cost like 10k gold or more. As a paladin I'd love to have all 3 specs, retribution, protection and holy. The new class monks can also perform all 3 roles very efficiently blizz says but then again we don't know how they will work so can't say anything about those. 5: So far new exp as well as new talent system looks good, needs some tweaks for sure but overall I like the idea.

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    AoE Death Grip and Corpse Explosion and a Force Grip.'s are looking good.

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    The DK talent tree is looking pretty good. Corpse explosion, AoE Death Grip and basically the equivalent of force grip seems pretty cool to me.

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    Feels like the builds just lost all meaning, the different classes got thinner.. Sure before there was almost just one or perhaps 2 specs that worked optimal, but why not make differnt combinations of the old system to work real good instead of remove it totally?
    Well i guess its gonna be better then it feels

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanishO2 View Post
    Totally agree. Changing the entire game each year, players could as well actually play a new game instead.

    Sometimes, ppl actually enjoy that game style and that's why they don't leave it for another. It's the good and old "If I wanted to play that, I would play that". For example, If I wanted to play Rift, I would play Rift, not expecting to WoW to change to Rift. It's like if Assassin's Creed changed it's style at each game. "ppl enjoy Battlefield, so we tought that we could put some FPS action on the new Assassin's Creed".
    Agreed with both of you. In an effort to get new subs Blizzard is completely changing things, and doing it to often. Instead of sticking with what made WoW WOW, they are changing up everything. For some people that's been fine, but for a lot of people, myself included, it's a massive turnoff. At this point it doesn't even feel like WoW to me anymore.

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