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    Blizzcon 2011 - Live Raid

    Blizzcon Schedule

    Note: all times are converted to the timezone your computer is currently in.

    Thanks to Thoorium, Dinnerbone and Marlamin for putting these together!

    Blizzcon 2011 - Live Raid ... Live!
    It seems that this year's live raid is also available through conventional streaming by other players in the raid! vodka and Blood Legion will try to survive whatever Gamemasters decide to throw at them!

    • This is a competition between vodka and Blood Legion.
    • This is a modified version of Firelands with no trash, the first guild to take down Ragnaros wins.
    • The feed below is from Blood Legion, for a stream of both guilds with a nice tracking of the progression you will have to head to the official blizzcon live stream

    Live Raid is over, congratulations to Blood Legion for killing Ragnaros first!
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    In your mom's bed

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    Hungary! And im not hungry.
    yeah cool finally

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    very nice lets see the outcomes

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    omg live fireland raid this gonna be really boring....

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    should be good!

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    goan be watching blizcon should be fun

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    what does that mean "whatever the GMs throw at them" ... is it just gonna be random bosses, maybe a new fight or something? or just them going through an actual FL raid

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    Quote Originally Posted by |Dexter| View Post
    omg live fireland raid this gonna be really boring....
    Dont watch then I'm rather looking forward to seeing how differently BL/Vodka do it to my guild.

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    Is it allowed to record this and put it on youtube ?

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    Yeah i want to know the the whole Gamemaster thing is. but i dont want to watch a whole raid and possibly have nothing..

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    Stupid advertisements, impossible to watch.

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    is that a GM ? xD olol ugly looking Gms xD

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    yay they finally started
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    When do they start?

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    One question is that a race or?

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    Watching PvP tournaments is fairly OK but watching people raid? As in fight the same scripted encounters you do (for just about 16 weeks in a row).

    That's masochism.

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    Anyone knows if vodka is/gonna stream their raid?

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    It was hilarious to watch Premonition wipe to Hogger at Blizzcon '09. Maybe he makes a comeback here

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