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    So they're going the Diablo 3 route with talents, figured as much. It's not really a surprise.

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    ok so checking the DK talents and all i see are pics on the warrior talents... GG mmo-champ

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    hrm so Dks are now warriors? LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by HumanitySector View Post
    Blizzard just destroyed the game I loved. I can't descibe how much I despise all these changes.
    Specs are not gone and a lot of the things that were previously available only to one spec will still be happening that way. You still chose a spec at level 10 and you gain spec-specific abilities in increments, but there aren't talent points or trees anymore so it's possible that people will be able to hybridize more.

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    Lol at Warrior talents being screenshot for DK's and hmm not a bad set up though do wish there was more tiers of it.

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    You totally confused DKs with Warriors there bibi

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    the average age of the wow player will plummet over the next five years.

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    Are we all raping F5 or of course we are?

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    The screenshots don't work for me?

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    I'm really excited that you can (This is what Im hoping for) a bit more combinations aswell as a more unique feel to your class, rather than "Just a class that can tank/DPS/Heal"

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    This is really huge. You now have a lot more customization possibilities for your spec. Really liking these changes.

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    lol... looking at warr talents they are fucked on soem tiers and op at other... deathwish+bladestorm+titans grip... op much? choice between 2nd wind and enraged regen= retarded... 1 is passive healing that is designed to put warr survival on par with clothies and other is defensive cooldown. Choice shouldnt be between passive ability around which class was designed and defensive cooldown Chosing between PH and throwdown? who designed such thing. PH should be warrior baseline ability since vanilla...

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    Wow, roiling blood vs corpse explosion vs outbreak? Damn, that's honestly tough. I think I'd have to go roiling blood as a tank because I hate using pestilence, but corpse explosion seems like the more fun.

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    OMG they are giving the rogue's talents to the druid O_o

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    Not sure what to think about Bear Hug. :S

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    What... What did they do to my sweet Paladins? =[

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    OMG I love the Death Knight talents (Although i won't be able to choose)

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    Holy freaking shit. New talent system is amazing. Copy or not I'm loving it. Some seem OP as hell though.

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    actually useful traps? it sems they fired GC just before Blizzcon

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    Priests new tree sounds really good, really cant wait to try it would

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