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    Double Polymorph!

    Brace yourself my mage brethren, I smell tears and crying in the future.

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    A whole line of Sheep talents... yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh oO

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    i smell 2 minutes of cc chaining with these talents to every class not just mages

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    What I smell is that Deep Freeze is gone...

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    Yea, but look at the rest of the abilities. They're ALL shit or previous talents/abilities. I mean look at Death Knight's shit. The level 90 stuff is ALL new and awesome. The mage level 90 is nothing new and old fire talents and slow..

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    For 4.5 seconds on the first time, not to mention it's a tier of talents that won't matter at all for PvE (which seemed to be the case for all of the tiers of talents apart from the casting while moving tier).

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    I'd go for the heavy polymorph

    but who cares, thats all gonna change over and over again before its going live

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    Yeah the talents are boring and mostly old spells , and level 90 talents are a joke lol.

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