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    Mists of Pandora

    The preemptive Talent changes look promising for the locks.

    I am a big advocate of "Bringing the Lock Back" as lately we have been dumbed down to nothing but glorified priest/mage wannabees, and not been defined as our own class but almost all of the talent changes in mists as they stand now seem VERY locktastic. I mean 25% dmg healed back as done by shadowbolt? or an AOE life steal? and those are just a few to begin with looking at all of them they really want to bring the unique abilities back to the lock. Abilities locks have and that other classes don't just have a re-tooled version of. We are getting our heals back (hopefully they don't alter these too much other than some balancing) I am excitedly looking forward to it!

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    Pandora eh? (Pandaria) .. no but seriously I'm happy they are reviving the lock too.

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    pandora? how did u even do that? it says on the front page on mmoc and in almost every thread PANDARIA

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    yes i love the feel of the warlock that they are going to bring back to us.
    sucking the souls out of ppl's noses!
    Peace, the number 1 reason for War.
    Fight on my minions

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    Hmm Pandora hey..

    Lock forum..
    Pandora's box..
    Locks are Opening Pandoras Box?

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    I've been trying to leave the MoP threads open despite some redundancies since I know it's pretty much all you guys want to talk about, because it's new and exciting, and that's fine to a point. But if all you can bring to the table with a new thread is that you think it's awesome (and it totally is, don't get me wrong) you can just share that opinion in one of the many existing threads.


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