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    Is there a subscription fee for D3?

    Or do you just buy the game and always have access to it? I'm just wondering because I've gotten the annual pass, and alot of my friends talk about D3..

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    The only Blizzard subscriptoin-based game is WoW. IMO, they only make people pay subscription fees on MMO games to support the servers, so I guess the Titan project will have a sub fee (since I keep saying it will be a MMO), but not Diablo, since it is a RPG over a MMO.

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    No D3 is Buy 2 Play as the ones before. You will pay for Expansions though.

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    I remember reading somewhere Blizzard was thinking about putting monthly fee to support server costs, but with CBAH they think they can get servers and support covered.

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    There are NO monthly fee costs for Diablo 3.

    Once you payed for the game, you can play it as much as you want to for the rest of your life.

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    actually, there was a subscription fee for SC2 for Eastern Europe regions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolgo View Post
    actually, there was a subscription fee for SC2 for Eastern Europe regions...
    It was an model, it was in no way forced. You could still go by the same model as the rest of the world if you could afford.

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    No, there is no fee. When you buy the game - that's the only thing you will experience taking money from your pocket. (Apart from the RMAH, if you plan on spending money there)

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