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    Blizzcon 2011 Minecraft Guy Fall's Over

    Great costume and he doesn't break his leg +2 Points

    Hope he wins

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    Update Didn't win or even place

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    That costume was awesome and I totally knew he was going to trip over the minute he came on stage XD
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    What the hell was that sound @ 43 seconds? O.o
    Otherwise quite epic costume. ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haftepaff View Post
    What the hell was that sound @ 43 seconds? O.o
    Otherwise quite epic costume. ^^
    That sound was my very manly laugh from across the room :P

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    He may not have won first prize, but he won the hearts of thousands

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    The costume contest if the only reason I regret not buying the stream this year, best art of every Blizzcon imo. The people who dress up do not get enough praise for what they do and have created.
    On-topic, that guy is the man.

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    Costume looked Cool, I bet the person inside was well embarassed after falling tho, good job their face was hidden :3

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    oh god, when he raised his arms after falling and putting everything back on, i lol'd; looked so comically "real" like a minecraft character would
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    a very neat costume, but it's kind of obvious why he didn't win with stuff like the non-minecraft version of that set, in insane levels of detail, he was running up against.
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    Ha, that Sylvannas that walks off the stage at the very beginning is a great friend of mine. ;D

    But now I want to see other characters and tier sets Minecraft'd.

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