Well, I know there will be tweaking and probably half things will make it live but I must say I like the directions they are taking the classes next x-pac. Instead of making everyone the same, they are really making classes unique. When it comes to shadow it's been like: what do they want us to be really, warlocks or half-gimped arcane mages?
Since they clearly separated mages from locks now and vice versa they also kept what made shadow interesting in pvp and continued down that road. Take Talbadar for example, being great support during the games with life grip, shield, offheal but also waiting for that very moment in the game when he gets to pull out the burst that nukes the target to the ground and game over for other team =)

The direction for shadow, next x-pac, as it looks now is that we will be the kings and queens of support classes and this is why:
Imagine shadowplay, we might swap the healer to disc priest and warlock spec can be discussed which one plays out the best.
The most interesting in this combo is the last options of our new talent trees:

Vow of unity
This is what we do: disc priest puts it on warlock, spriest put it on disc priest. The warlock will never die, and for what it seems the Vow of unity will keep on going forever until target is hit with 30% of their health. The disc and shadowpriest will be close to immune to ccs that break on damage this time. If other team goes for healer, well the healer wont die either and got painsupression going on and stuff like that.
So, they might go for the shadowpriest. And hey, we played shadowpriests for most of our lives so "don't need a map or a guide to know what to do". Dispersion, if disc priest choose body and soul we even get back a similarity to good ol "speed boots and dispersion", taking new fade as shadow that is awsome, and void tendrils hopefully being undispellable (would be fun if they made it like in raids: Nuke tendril ffs!) and ofc we know how to gear ourselves for that survivalbility when we pvp tank.
And when shadowpriest is target, it's just cc and fire away as warlock and warlock damage seems to be doing A OK in next x-pac, disc priest either choose roots as well or psychic scream. Manaburn and mind control will probably still be in game, if the other people are targeted the spriest is sweet support to get with vow of unity, life grip, shield and offheal, mind control, and also it depends on how and if we can build up that burst that makes us win the game if we are left alone and get situation to pull it out.
Together with the lock helping the healer and killing stuff won't be a problem, together with offensive disc priest good help and possible high burst is provided if warlock is target.

And a side note, shadow will be more interesting and we will get more stuff to choose from, and that has been rare for shadow most of the time. It has been one spec pve and one pvp and little to no room for changes. I like us going to be possible gods of support if we like, and also having fun stuff to choose for ourselves when playing alone.
However, we don't know how this will turn out live... being supportive but removing strong offensive burst kill much of it. How will the suggested talant trees play out, will even half of it make it live?
But I like what I see and if they keep this right, shadow will be more clear in what they are in game.. distance us from "not quite a warlock, not really a mage".

Whats your thoughts?