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    SWToR Account issue

    Hey all,

    So ever since I registered in the SWToR website I've been having this problem with my account. I'm able to log in to it but that's about all I can do. When I go to the forum I'm being instantly logged out or when I try to check an e-mail the same happens again. I have contacted them twice now and both of there e-mails were the same..telling me to clear the cookies, ensure that I'm using an up to date Java etc etc. Even though I told them none of these helped me their next e-mail was of course the same

    So, does anyone here have an idea of how I might fix that. I'm using Google Chrome by the way but I tried logging in with IE and Mozilla as well and it didn't work.

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    Hello Mate,

    Check your internet options, it seems like you have all cookies blocked? Just lower the setting and/or allow SWTOR.COM to store cookies on your machine and you should be fine


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    Do you use Chrome? I had that problem for a while and clearing all caches helped.

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