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    I think they gonna rework stat system for next expac (I mean expac after MoP)

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    What is people problem wiht high amount of health? Either we have 200k health and 40kdps or 20k health and 4k dps. It still take the same amount of time to kill things. The only diffrence is the displayed numbers.

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    Guys just read the front page, below quote from Mists of Pandaria FAQ:

    Q: Will you be making any changes to how stats work?

    Yes. As World of Warcraft has matured and more expansions, content updates, and tiers of equipment have been released, players’ stats have begun to inflate exponentially. At this point, the numbers for health, mana, and so on are threatening to get out of control. In order to combat this and bring statistics back to earth -- or Azeroth, as it were -- in Mists of Pandaria, we will be “flattening” the statistic curve in places where it no longer needs to behave exponentially (primarily at the point of the end game for old expansions). In practice, this means that upon the expansion’s release, the numbers for Strength, Health, Intellect, damage, and so on will be significantly lower than you’re used to seeing across the board, from level 1 to level 85. It’s all relative, of course -- enemies’ and bosses’ stats will be reduced as well, and it should take a level-85 warrior roughly the same number of many sword-whacks and ability uses to kill a level-85 monster as it did before. However, this also means the difference between each level between 1 and 85 will be less significant, so you may find that an enemy 5 or 10 levels below your own will be a little tougher to deal with than it was before.

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    Im with the people who say it dont really matter. In fact it seems like an awful amount of work for something tht wont bring a net change because they have already said that it will take the same amount of weapon swings to defeat an enemy. It might help low-level PVP , but from the sounds of it it's too much work for that. Unless they are narrowing the stat jumps between teirs to prevent further escalation (which knowing Blizz they will jst do anyway), I dont see the point.

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    Honestly though, when I level my shaman the 5 man bosses die before I can use Stormstrike twice, that's not even funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dnlEHEH View Post
    I certainly hope so. The health/damage on live servers currently are in my opinion way too much, and to see it increase even more in the next expac isn't something I'm looking forward to.
    the damage will still feel the same, it's all relative to the health pools. A spell that deals 10% of someone's health will steal deal 10% of someone's health no matter how big or small the values are, as long as they're relative to one another, which they always will be.

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    unless they tweak all the instances through TBC, Wrath, and Cata, they can't possibly lower the stats at level 90.

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    It's too much and it feels lame. I am very glad blizzard has seen this and they are addressing it.

    However what I DONT like is that this may affect soloing old content. I guess if they don't adjust older content as well, we're going to have problems. I certaintly hope they do though.

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    It's gonna suck if they lower our stats for level 90..

    We are gaining 5 levels.. but lower health, damage and heals?.. what the fuck? if blizzard do this.. i'm gonna cry.

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    Mkay... now that no one has "lately" talked about what they think of the statistical changes of the game instead of whining about their game being changed by the horrid Blizzard, there is something i would like to speak of...

    for The health gain, i dont know the formula for health gain of world of warcraft leveling, though what i do know is the end game stats and at lvl 84 to 85 the health gain is far more than regular. this being said the 89 to 90 health gain/damage boost/healing boost will be by all means exponential.

    the above average lvl 86 dps has 165k in cata gear, this being said the previous health was about 145k. so say 20k boost for that level.

    just checked a stream and a lvl 88 dps has 217k health... so there really is a huge gain in health per level.

    given my expert guessing skills there should be about, at level 89, 245k and at End game lvl 90 i would say, restating my previous statement that the gain to end game level is insane, should be... about 300k. though i cant say thats the truth. just a pretty good estimate to warm everyone's little hearts.

    when it comes to damage i got really lazy and i for one don't care since i hardcore pvp and casually raid, so damage will be what it is, while game mechanics and class abilities is what someone like me should be worried about.
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    Please don't necro really old threads.

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