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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyre Fierceshot View Post
    You also can't take one persons view as the law.
    Didn't say anything about taking his view as the law. I said I was reconsidering rolling a ranger.
    I didn't say what influenced this decision. If you read the page, you can't help but notice the ranged has changed A LOT. I wanted to play a ranger almost 100% because of nostalgia. I mean, my main was a ranger. If it's a different play style, I'm not going to be as interested.
    The other significantly smaller part of my wanting to play a ranger is because of the pet (who doesn't, right?)..
    And from what people are saying about how much control one has over his pet, "pets feel like this thing you have, rather than a part of your character".(Jon Peters quote)
    I mean, if a game systems designer from Arenanet is saying that, obviously it can't be far from the truth.
    He also says they want to change that fact, but also seems to admit that they don't know how they'll go about doing that.. so we'll see.

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    What do you guys think of Mesmer speculation?
    If curiosity killed the cat, why can't speculation kill you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IplayHorde View Post
    What do you guys think of Mesmer speculation?
    I think it makes me more interested in playing a Mesmer. Maybe not as a main but I will for sure level one.

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    Brilliant, lots of useful information about the guardian... now.... arena net..... TAKE MY MONEY!

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    necromacers seem awsome, can't wait to try it out =) Anyone know if there will be discussions combining the racials with the profession guides as well?

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