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    I grew up watching the movies, to this day I still enjoy spending a sunday afternoon watching the original trilogy. I appreciate them because the story is classic and still very fun, and they were a huge step for the science fiction and fantasy genre in movies.

    I never followed the extended universe, I never got into many of the books.

    I did buy KoToR because it was a Star Wars video game and looked neat, I absolutely fell in love with BioWares style. I loved the story telling, having control over the conversations, it's still my favorite way to play a game and I replay KoToR from time to time just because I still enjoy it.

    So I guess I'm playing ToR because of a ton of combined reasons. I want to play a Star Wars game, I'm specifically excited its BioWare doing it and using the KoToR related universe, and also I'm very ready for something fresh in the MMO world to grab my interest.

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    Not that big of a fan of Star Wars, but I am a fan of Bioware, I love their games!
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    Honestly, I hate Star Wars. But that won't stop me from being a Bioware fanboy 'til the day I die.

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    Personally I am a huge Star Wars fan. I've loved the movies ever since I saw Episode IV back when I was 5, and I even enjoy the new ones (seriously they're not that bad, just ignore Jar-Jar and focus on other things). I'm also an avid fan of the EU books, especially the post RotJ books (think Thrawn trilogy and NJO). I have to admit that this game being Star Wars is part of the reason why I'm so excited for it but I also love Bioware and their games so that's why I think the game is going to be badass. It's two awesome things combining together.
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    I was never a big Star Wars nerd until I was 15, then I just decided to look up on the lore and holy crap is it interesting. So much stuff to read, I like the Old Republic Era (specifically anything before 1000 BBY) and the Legacy Era (anything past 45 ABY). The EU is fantastically amazing, but there are a few downsides: the writers are a bit scrubby, even if the stories are intelligent, they fail to tell them in a coherent matter and flip flop character personalities, also too many Mary Sues, not enough troubled characters. This is more prevalent in the New Republic and Legacy eras because they have the most condensed era outside of the movies but the Old Republic Era suffers from these problems occasionally as well.
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    big bioware and starwars fan.

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    Maybe, Seen all the movies, but didn't play any SW game before. Star Wars in a MMO is how i got intrested

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    Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

    Watched the originals when I was little.

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    I am fond of good movies.

    I am fond of all 6 Star Wars.
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    I am not a huge fan, but I did like the movies.

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    Not a fun of Star Wars , or general games-books that have any kind of lore (lack of imagination).
    But i generaly love MMO games

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    Not a Star Wars fan but a Bioware fan, and I like MMOs... usually.. if they are pandafree (awwww damn I couldnt resist)
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    Not really a fan, but am a fan of Sci Fi and Bioware. Mass Effect made me cry tears of joy because it was so good to me.
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    I'm not a big star wars fan, well I saw all the movies, got them in 1080p quality and played several games, but mostly I want a new or at least fresh mmo experience.
    Its not always about new gameplay and mechanics, but even a complete new universe (i.e. not the universe you where seeing in the last 7 years) which is very very immersive can make the difference.
    plus its from bioware, which is always good if I consider that baldurs gate 2 + addon was the best gaming experience in an rpg I had until now. mass effect and dragon age being really good doesnt make it bad for me either.
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    Not at all. I thought the original trilogy were good films, but not as incredible as everyone makes them out to be. I really enjoyed Star Wars Battlefront I and II, though. There are a LOT of things drawing me to this game, but the IP isn't one of them.
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    Both, watched all the sw movies, played all(almost) the sw games and I did enjoy WoW when it was still to my liking(2005-2009). So from the looks of it SWTOR should be just the right game for me.

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    Fan of the original movies yeah. And a lot of the Expanded Universe especially the KoTOR games. Too bad the prequel movies exist to put a big downer on the entire franchise.

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    Massive fan of them all! and a massive fan of MMORPGS! and a massive fan of Bioware!

    Can't wait.
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    I wouldn't say a HUGE fan but I did enjoy the movies (all of them)

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    I'm a huge Star Wars fan! I stay on wookiepedia and just read about it.

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