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    Quote Originally Posted by Domenik View Post
    You should keep an eye on Tera online

    The game will be big for RP as each town players elect other players to be mayors rulers etc etc very in depth fantasy game with a complete economy and player driven government
    Ah, thanks for the heads up! I like the look of the Castanic as a playable race, though I admit I'm a little wary of a player run government. As much as I love roleplaying, a lot of roleplayers are...well, to be blunt...a little scary and too eager to grab power. :P

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    I am a big star wars fan plus I am big mmo player.

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    Not a fan at all. Not even watched all films. I do intend to watch them, but I'm having a hard time with it.

    Never been a fan of star trek either but quite enjoyed star trek online so I don't think it'll bother me. As long as the story is good all should be well

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    I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I loved the first three movies, the second three were tolerable only because of Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor. Beyond that I love the expanded universe books and video games. I fell in love with Knights of the Old Republic and ever since I heard rumors about TOR in 2006 I've been chewing at the bit for this game.

    Edit: Also, everything Bioware touches turns to gold.
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    Huge Star Wars fan. When my stepdad took over after my dads suicide, he introduced us to science fiction. Our first Sci Fi was Star Wars. It was an amazing experience. It opened up my imagination when I needed it the most. My current love for Sci Fi and technology in general is thanks to Star Wars. In terms of gaming, I played many of the Star Wars games and played KOTOR 1 & 2 religiously (1 more than 2, stupid Obsidian...). The decision to play TOR was an easy one.

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    not a really big star wars fan, saw the original trilogy twice i think, and the new ones once. Decent movies imo, but not on my "best movies ever" list Will play SW:TOR because I play every new MMO, Although I dislike BW games in general
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    Ever since I saw A New Hope in 1987. I was 4 years old, and maybe I didn't understand it completely, but I was hooked. I can't wait for this.

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    I was more of a fan when I was younger. I recall seeing Return in theaters as a kid and having my share of toys, including my favorite - Rancor!

    I would much prefer a more graphic version now. The lack of blood and guts just does not make sense. I am fine with the whole laser and cauterization thing, but there are plenty of cool routes to go down with that. Add more dismemberment! Wish that Scorsese had taken the reins after Lucas created it That would have been sweeeeeeeeeet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckwald View Post
    I'm a huge Star Wars fan! I stay on wookiepedia and just read about it.
    /Reads this post.

    /Looks up at Browser Bar, notices 9 of 12 Tabs are Wookiepedia

    /Looks left

    /Looks right

    /Starts whistling, closing browser tabs inconspicuously.

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    Yes, i am a very big Star Wars fan. I am also a big fan of kotor 1 and 2. I am also a HUGE fan of MMOs, mix them all together and...
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    Most Star Wars fans I would think are drawn to a Star Wars game of some sort. This allows us to combine our Star Wars nerdiness in one giant social gaming community.


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    ill say im a fan.

    Read almost all the EU books, none of the DH comics or other stuff out there though. I do SW Wiki every now and then to get info on the universe. Playes KoToR 1/2 and a few other SW games(Rogue Squadron is BEST IMO) Saw all movies. I am not as bad as people i have seen on the SWTOR site, DAMN do they really get into the EU lol. Made me feel newbish with what I know of the EU

    This game is a way for me to live the roles of some of the characters that I like in the EU even though its set 3k years from Eps IV.

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    I used to be a massive fan when I was a kid. Return of the Jedi was one of my favourite films, loved the Ewoks and Droids cartoon series, had all the Super Nintendo games, had Shadows of the Empire on the N64, but when I got a bit older it seemed to lose some of it's charm. Don't get me wrong, the original films are still great, amazing musical score, badass space battles, etc, but some parts of them just feel a little cheesy nowadays and the prequels were just ass. lol

    So yeah, the reason I'll be playing SWTOR is more because I enjoy MMOs and the story looks to be really solid, rather than it being a Star Wars game.

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    Not the kind of "star wars is my world". But I like the setting and the story. Movies could have been better imho.

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    I'm not a Star Wars fan at all. Too much cutesiness for my liking; not enough grit by far. Too heavily leaning on 'good versus bad,' too. I really hated those teddybears, and to be honest, I usually despise anything cutesy in what should have been a serious and gritty story. And that was the old Star Wars I'm talking about, full of cliché and silliness.
    The new episodes (the prequels) were worse.

    Because of the movies, I never could be interested in the lore. The names of places and species also put me off; it felt like I was watching children cartoons all the way through.

    BUT! That doesn't mean Star Wars is fully without merit. It doesn't mean that the lore is bad, as such. It doesn't mean it can't be an interesting universe to explore. It just means that the Star Wars movies just screwed up fully and completely.

    Queue Bioware, a game developer which has the ability to turn mediocre settings and stories into pure epicness. If they do it right, then Star Wars will never be the same again. They'll keep what was good, and change that which was bad into something that actually works. So I'm game for The Old Republic, most definitely!

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    Well, I must admit.

    I'm not a big fan and I didn't like the movies that much but I like Star Wars universe. It has a lot of races and stories, conspiracies, etc.
    When I knew Bioware (my favorite RPG company) was making a SW MMO I couldn't resist following any news related. I'll give the game a big try and I just hope it fulfills my wishes lol
    But no, not a big SW fan.

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    I kinda liked the three movies. The part with the furry midgets was a bit ridiculous, though.

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    I love the first three movies. I will watch the newer ones, but not unless there is absolutely nothing else to do with episode 2. I enjoy the Clone Wars tv show. I love the music. I love most every Star Wars game, except for the QTES in TFU 1 and 2 and the pod racing game for 64. I haven't read any of the EU stuff except for some random pages on Wookiepedia. I love the lore of the movie franchises and especially of the Old Republic universe. Kotor was one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences ever.

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    I sincerely haven't watched the first three movies. I like how Star Wars deals with "Passion/Evil/Sith" and Jedi "Unselfish,Guardians, protectors" it really taps into the whole Good vs Evil thing. With "Sith" supposed be the evil guys and Jedi the good guys. Being a bad guy though can have major benefits in being able to do what you want. I'd say yes I a massive Star Wars, fan I don't read the novels.

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    I'm somewhat a fan. I watched the 3 originals and enjoyed them back when I was 13 or so. Wasn't much of a fan of Ep 1 and 2 though. Ep 1 had an annoying Jar-Jar and Ep 2 had a much more annoying and whiny/entitled Anakin. Ep 3 was pretty good, but the 3 originals are still my favorites.

    Not much a fan outside of the movies, haven't played any Star Wars games or read any of the books or watched any of the animated series.

    SWTOR will be my first ever Star Wars experience outside of the movies. I'm digging the universe and I'm digging it as an MMO. It'll be a nice break from my 12 years of playing nothing but fantasy MMOs.
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